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Jan 1, 2007 08:04 PM

Uncle Mikes-Canoga park

The wife and I found this place a few weeks ago. It is neighborhood type family style cooking. Previously I went for lunch and has their fried meatball sub. It was smothered in peppers and onions and this great sauce and was just so good. Last night I had homestyle minestrone soup, linguini in white sauce clam sauce and garlic bread all delicious for about $13.00. The wife had a basic salad, lemon chicken and linguini for the same price. The chicken was very moist and not the least bit dry. I am sorry I am not a wine drinker so I didn't notice what they offered. As a bonus as we were leaving the waitress handed us a $4.00 coupon from the entertainment book for out next visit. I shall return.

It's at 20844 Vanowen St, (at De Soto) behind Mc D's in Canoga Park, 818-346-4545.

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  1.'s a shame that you didn't discover Uncle Mikes three years ago when Mike was still there, since then he's sold the place and they've changed the sauce and the cheese they use on the pizza, it's not the same. I asked Mike once where he got his cheese because it was the real NY style stuff with the real oil drip when you folded a slice just amazing and he told me he had it flown in. The new ingredients taste west coast to me. This place used to be amazing, went twice after he sold it but it's not as good. Just MHO though. Stellar dishes used to be the baked ziti, pizza, fettucini alfredo, meatball subs and the salads which had a homemade italian with fresh herbs.

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