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Jan 1, 2007 07:52 PM

$50pp for 11 people

i'd love input for a dinner i'm organizing for an 80th bday dinner. our aunt's 87 year old beaux (!), who lives in philly, has asked me to find a restaurant..everyone (from 48 to 87) is a world-traveler and adventurous eater but he asked me for something special - a bit more toward the tablecloth service and one big thing is that the sound system isn't blaring. i've thought of tempo (but think it would surpass the budget) and maybe 5 front? he originally wanted it in manhattan due to certain people's logistics but i was thinking that dumbo might be very doable also. any general ideas?

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  1. DUMBO, although closest to Manhattan, is very difficult to get to, and many of the restaurants are more than a 4 block walk from the two subways that access the area, the A/C and F.

    Depending on what day you go, I would suggest Chestnut, which does a $25 fixed price menu on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


    It's not white tablecloths, but it is rather nice. Even on other evenings the prices are quite reasonable for the quality.

    Lunetta could be another option, it serves Italian food in the "sort-of" Lupa tradition. The room can get a little noisy, though.

    Frankie's 457 Spuntino also is very accommodating for parties, though you'd need to work out a fixed menu for that many people (it can be very reasonable, from $35 pp including wines). However, this is also several blocks away from the closest subway, if that should be a problem.

    1. I suggest talking to the Garden Cafe - it would be very nice for a group of this size (maybe you could take it over), and perhaps you could work out a menu that suits your price range.

      The whole noise issue is very major with the older crowd - someplace where the ambiance is controllable would be best.

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        lol these days, at a creaky 49, the whole noise issue is a big deal for me too!!!!

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          for us too - there is nothing that kills a dining experience like blasting noise - but its even worse for folks with hearing aids. Id go for a place with no-low music and soft surfaces with a crowd like that.

          We had a very nice meal at ICI recently, but I think youd have to be prepared to ask them to turn the music down (we did and they did)

          PS the cellar at Convivium might work too assuming it meets your price point.

      2. If you are willing to do lunch, I'd bet you can find a classy place in Manhattan at your price point. Ask on the Manhattan board.

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          has to be dinner because her daughter is flying in from germany and surprising her at the dinner. thanks.

        2. In that case, I think that you may be able to handle Tempo at $50 pp if most do not have drinks and you are easy on the wine. Another suggestion, closer to the subway is Queen on Court St. It, too will be at the upper end of your price point and a little less fancy in decor, but the food is very good.

          There have been good reports about Pacificana a new upscale Chinese in Sunset Park, but it too is a distance from the subway.

          1. wacking myself in the head for not thinking of queen! thanks!