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Jan 1, 2007 07:27 PM

La Vallesana, St. Louis

Chowhounds: sorry to hear about the post on Que Pasa Cantina. Here's my pick for best Mexican in St. Louis - La Vallesana on Cherokee Street, just east of California. Don't let the look of this little shack fool you (this place must have been an ice cream stand somewhere years back). There's a small sandwich board out front with the name, but look for the brightly painted low slung thing sitting all alone on it's city corner lot. This taqueria has the best Mexican in town. Be warned though, there really isn't anyplace inside to sit down, except a small shelf along the street side that most people sit at to wait for carry out. There are tables outside on a small patio area (green painted asphalt) that are nice in warm weather, otherwise it's carry out. I am especially fond of the tortas, though everything is good. This is a family operation, like most of the taquerias on Cherokee - hopefully they will stay around for awhile. This place blows the doors off all the other psuedo Mexican places around town, and the other Mexican places along Cherokee. Now if only Taqueria Azteca were still in business....

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  1. The tacos and quesadillas at this place aren't bad (standard taquería type fare), but I thought the torta de carnitas was really excellent. There were a lot of people eating outside at the tables yesterday. Better yet is the popsicle (paleta) and ice cream place across the street and a bit down the block--try the spicy cucumber (pepino).

    Does anyone know of a good Mexican bakery in St. Louis?