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A New Season of No Reservations!

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Tonight people! Hurray!

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  1. Finally--we've been watching re-runs for too long!!!!

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      You said it...the aching will soon cease.


    2. I'm *SO* glad I read this post -- it's a double of AB tonight! Favorite Moments at 9pm, and AB visits Ireland at 10pm. Can't wait!

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          The travel channel. Not sure what it is in Boston, it's 27 in my area of the 'burbs.

          1. Bourdain has turned into a homself cartoon. Silly.

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              Why do you say so? He introduces new countries and foods to people who may never had heard of them...and while they may not try those actual foods, they might get to be adventurous enough to try something DIFFERENT than Applebees, Chili's, or Olive Garden.

            2. Well I enjoyed the Ireland show..and parts of his out-takes from last year. Who knew Ireland had grown up and away from potatoes and cabbage?

              I cannot wait to see him this year in Portland and SF! In Portland he was doing a bit on chefs with tatoos and bunches of chefs were talking about getting tats in order to be on the show. Don't know who will be on.

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                Last time Bourdain shot in San Francisco, for A Cook's Tour, if I recall correctly he went to a hot dog place, an ice cream place, and the French Laundry.

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                  Portland show will be airing Jan 15th.

                2. Thanks. A little late, but will probably run again.

                  1. A stupid political discussion while smoking extolling Guinness through hazes of smoke and food comes out through the smoke as the photographers go for a smoky hazy lens effect. Somewhere a tobacco company is sponsoring this surreptitious ad campaign.

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                    1. re: nosh

                      Oh come on Nosh, next you'll have us believe that model of corporate responsibility, Monsanto, is selling BGH for profit and not to keep all the nice cows happy!

                    2. I liked the show.... Good info since I'm going to be heading there sometime this year taking my dad to the homeland. Will probably start in Shannon and work our way around to Dublin. Knowing there is a fairly quick train to Belfast we might try to get there too.

                      It was neat to see Howth. On my one short trip to Dublin a couple of years ago this was as far out of town a I got. It's the last stop on the DART (rapid transit)to the north of Dublin proper. Even before Tony said where they were I asked myself "Is that Howth"? It was a cold an rainy day in January and there wasn't much fishing going on. I remember seeing King Sitric's but ended up having lunch in a pub called The Abbott.

                      Am I crazy or was there an unbleeped F word in the Sitric's segment?

                      I was surprised about the smoking too. I thought it was banned in public places but that must be in The Republic only.


                      I hope your comment was at least partially tongue in cheek. I've never smoked and don't really care to be around it but the fervor of some anti-smoking campaigners has me thinking about switching sides. Those TRUTH ads make me want to light up an unfiltered Lucky.

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                      1. re: kaitak98

                        Yeah, I swear I heard a few F words myself, and I thought the scene in the bar with the smoking was nicely nostalgic. I think smoking was banned in Ireland recently so he must have filmed before the ban. I don't smoke either, but it scares me how militant people can get, when just viewing it on TV and not even having to breathe it.

                      2. People smoke, they get winded, they may die early, get over it. I hate smoking close to me in restaurants, in public places, but I don't mind if people smoke in bars or in designated smoking places. Now the scene in the restaurant did bother me a little, but to each their own. Zealotry is not pretty for either side.

                        I thought the foods looked absolutely fantastic. I got hungry at 11 PM last night just watching the show.

                        One thing I have to hand to AB, he has been very vocal about the food nazis, in regard to the foie gras ban in Chicago etc. But he was pretty gracious while at the organic farm. I thought it was a great show.

                        1. What? And no comments on the Iceland episode that aired right after Ireland? Next week, the Ghana episode. I just have to get passed the fact that it's Anthony Bourdain and not Mike Rowe I'm watching [Dirty Jobs]. Their voices even sound alike! Uncanny similarity.

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                          1. re: Cheese Boy

                            The new episodes were the clips show and Ireland. Iceland's from last season:


                            1. re: Robert Lauriston

                              Was the Ireland episode a Guinness commercial? Yeesh -- I love the Guinness, but there are interesting local beers to drink, doncha think? I never will understand how a person with such a jones for unique and regional food will drink Heieken nonstop.

                              1. re: Up With Olives

                                I'll tell you why. If you travel as much as I do, Heineken is the safest beer to drink until you can get a local recommendation. Its kind of like Americans running around Paris or Brussels looking for McDonalds or Burger King. Until I gfigure out what is safe to drink in a country, I stick with the Heinekens. I have been adventurous and I have drunk some pisswater/swill/junk. Now, as to Bourdain, I agree, for a supposedly No Reservations kind of guy, he certainly does play it safe, I never made sucjh proclamations.

                                1. re: Up With Olives

                                  I too love the black stuff especially in the motherland but there are other options in stout and porter.

                                  The Porter House in Temple Bar, Dublin craft brews several styles of stout including milk and oyster. They claim their brews taste like stout did in the earlier part of the 20th century when there were regional differences.


                                  As I remember the food was nothing to get really excited about but the beers were very good.

                                  I seem to recall seeing an episode of The Thirsty Traveler were he went to a stout micro-brewery in Dublin but I don't think it was the Porter House. So yes...there were possibilities outside the obvious.


                                  Especially in the developing world Heineken can be a life saver. Even if it is brewed locally the standards seem to be upheld to a fairly high level. I love local, interesting beers but sometimes you just want a pilsner you can count on.

                                  1. re: Up With Olives

                                    sure there are other beers to drink, but the guinness in ireland is something else...and has to be tried. if you think you like it here, just wait till you have it there.

                                    1. re: ceeceee


                                      Guinness in the U.S. will never be the same. Ireland spoiled me.

                              2. Bourdain rocks, no doubt about it (we recently watched part of his TX/Mexico border show which was obviously taped when parts of the Mexican border were a weeeee bit safer than they are now, and even then it made me want to risk my life for a lonche).

                                But I've started to wonder about the concept of "supertasters" - I remember watching something about some people's tastebuds being so highly developed that they are stuck eating what most of us would consider "bland." Those are "supertasters."

                                Watching Tony listen with rapt attention to the idea that the uric acid taste from sheep bladders adds a new dimension to offal... at the very least one has to believe Tony isn't a supertaster.

                                Offal doesn't bother me. But offal with a slight urine dimension? Awful, IMHO of course.

                                It reminded my husband and I of a guy he works with that is from interior Mexico. He says the difference between Mexican Mexicans and Texan Mexicans is all in the menudo. Here in Texas, apparently they wash the menudo "too well." It needs to be "not so clean to be good." I mean, think about that for a minute.


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                                1. re: shanagain

                                  i thought uric acid was found in a lot of foods...especially meat, in paricular organ meats like liver and kidney...also in shellfish.
                                  so it's adding dimension to alllllll sorts of foods. just the idea of a bladder and the association with actual urine makes it seem foul!

                                  1. re: ceeceee

                                    I'm sure you're right.

                                    But between the thought of wet bladders and intestines that aren't "too" clean... well, there's a reason AB is the man, and I'm a chick hanging around the outskirts of chowland. ;-)

                                  2. re: shanagain

                                    What I really like about Bourdain is his honesty. If what he's tasting is foul, he'll make sure you'll know it. It might spur a comment like ... 'That is the most disgusting thing to ever take up any real estate on my tongue, disgusting'. And then light up a smoke, of course.

                                    1. re: Cheese Boy

                                      I love Tony Bourdain. He travels and eats the way we all should, like the locals. He's also hilarious and I love that he seems to enjoy drinking and smoking as much as eating.

                                  3. I missed it last night! Is it re-broadcast during the week??

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                                      I think it's rebroadcast over the weekend. Check the Travel Channel's website - sometime in the middle of the night for taping?


                                      Ah yes - it was early this morning at 1am...I'm sure it'll be on again later on in the season.

                                    2. Rats! Yes, there will be re-runs.

                                      1. Yes..,but hey, melly, I think you can download episodes, too.

                                        Anyhoo...elephants scare the stuffin out of me....