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Jan 1, 2007 05:58 PM

Do I have the makings of more vinegar?

While making salad dressing just now, I discovered a gelatinous mass at the bottom of a bottle of balsamic vinegar. It looks like a cross between canned cranberry relish and raw liver. Is this vinegar mother? If so, can I/should I use it to make more vinegar? Any enlightenment, tips, or suggestions are welcome!

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  1. yup. it's vinegar mother.
    will give you a lot of info, if you decide to make your own.

    1. In balsamic, probably not. Mother forms in unpasteurized vinegar. Not much chance of supermarket balsamic being unpasteurized, I think. What you've got there is some agglomeration of sugar and pectins, would be my guess.

      1. I make a lot of vinegar and I would have to agree with MikeG. It probably isn't mother, but you never know. It definitely has to be an unpasteurized vinegar to get a mother. Buy a bottle of Bragg's cider vinegar in a health store, it's a live vinegar and a decent starter for all types of homemade vinegar. Of course the best is if you can get a mother from a really fine wine type vinegar.