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Jan 1, 2007 05:33 PM

The very BEST King Cake?

Which bakery makes the very best King Cake?
To be honest, I use to love McKenzie's very plain, almost dry, coffeecake-style King Cake. Some of the newer ones are wretchedly excessive with cream cheese and frosting piled on top of fillings.
I suppose this is all a matter of taste...

I need BAKERY cakes, not restaurants. It would be great if the bakery would ship, but I can pick it up. Don't need one of those Mardi Gras "packages" where they throw in beads, doubloons, coffee and other stuff. I need just the cake.
NOLA and North Shore, East to Waveland.


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  1. I used to get my king cakes from Good Children's Bakery in Violet (don't know if it is still there since Katrina). Or at Haydel's on Airline(?). I haven't been back to New orleans for years, so the quality and taste of these places may have changed.

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      I second Randazzo's Good Childrens'. AWESOME king-cake.

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        * * * * * EXCELLENT KING CAKE * * * * *
        The owners reopenned in Covington as Nonna Randazzo's. They have the best anywhere.
        You can order on-line and they deliver. They lost their home during Katrina and relocated to the northshore. The bakery in now located on Hwy 190 in Covington.

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        I scream Randazzos. They are consistent and taste wonderful. I shipped them to friends post Katrina to show we were coming back.
        And my kids love Randazzos.
        Gone, McKenzies. The imitation Randzaos cake was very good.

        1. re: Mandeville refugee

          The best King Cake is a homemade one.
          Here is a link to several recipes.

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          Nona finally reopened in chalmette on Paris Rd.

        3. Frances Bakery on 801 Veterans Hwy. Moist cake, surpassingly rich fillings.

          1. My favorite king cake doesn't come from New Orleans. Ambrosia Bakery in Baton Rouge makes a deliciously decadent ZULU King Cake - Dark chocolate icing, coconut & cream cheese filling. The best I've had. Rich, but not a sugary sweet as the ones with multicolored icing. mmmmm.... I think I'll pick one up this week! I'm fairly certain they ship these.

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              Amen- Ambrosia even makes my 'Yat Mom happy.

            2. My parents send me a Cake from Haydel's every year. They do come with all the parade stuff (cups, beads etc.) But they are very good and except for the one year the post man delivered it on it's side making everything smush together they have always arrived fresh and very nice.

              The cafe I worked for in the city ordered all theirs from McKenzies; Haydels is noticeable denser and has more filling. If you order the cheese or the plain they are not as stuffed as the fruit ones.

              1. I like the king cakes from Maurice's French Pastries. Jean-Luc makes a lot of different varieties like so many places, so I usually stick to the plain. They ship, and I've used them to ship cakes to friends around the country. They recently moved their location out of Fat City to Napoleon and Transcontinental.