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Favorite Italian Risotto Question

Curious as to what everyone's favorite Risotto is. Plain? With Porcini Mushrooms? Shrimp?

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  1. That's a tough one... right now I would say beet risotto.

    1. Lemon risotto topped with with fresh asparagus or peas.

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        I was thinking that...anything with lemon zest and big green peas.

      2. I make a risotto with shitake mushrooms, small bits of lamb and asparagus.

        1. From the title I thought you wanted our favorite questions concerning risotto. And mine would be from the movie "First Night"... Can I have some spaghetti with that risotto?

          1. Tomato basil risotto in the summer when I can use my own tomatoes (or the farmer's market's if I've been lazy/unlucky that year) is my fave.

            1. Milanese -- with a pinch or two of saffron. Preferably served alongside osso buco.

              1. Risotto al Fungi, con tartufo bianco

                1. sun-dried tomotp w/ fresh basil is great and simple.

                  1. Shrimp with garden tomato and red pepper flakes- spicy countered by lots of reggiano parm!

                    1. Traditional Milanese... Porcini and/or other mushroom, with saffron/chicken broth, and a lot of Reggiano. Occasionally as a kid we'd have pancetta or sausage in it.

                      1. My vote goes to the squid ink with squid risotto--damn good...

                        1. A couple of weeks ago I made a mushroom risotto that knocked my socks off, and I normally don't brag that much about my own cooking. We ate it like it was chocolate-covered crack.

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                            LMAO!! Chocolate-covered crack! :-P

                            What kind of mushrooms? What else did you put in?

                            The one I made recently that my family loved had leftover turkey dark meat from t-giving and peas, and a few leftover shrimp for DH.

                          2. i had one last year in italy made with radicchio di treviso that was to die for. not the radicchio di treviso found in canada but the crazy looking radicchio di treviso found only in italy, and only usually in december. other than that, my favourite is butternut squash risotto....mmm

                            1. Amarone risotto, finished with a dollop of mascarpone...

                              This is the perfect companion to roasted leg or loin of lamb.

                              1. Risotto with rabbit and wild thyme , and veal glace

                                1. Oh my goodness I had uni (sea urchin roe) risotto a few months ago. It was the best thing I ever tasted.

                                  1. Risotto, in my opinion, is best paired with mushroom.

                                    Or even better, truffle.

                                    1. Sun-dried tomato and fennel. It's a great mix (and contrast) of texture and taste.

                                      1. keep it simple
                                        risi e bisi made with pea shell broth...

                                        1. Seven Minute Pressure cooker risotto, cooked in any of the above styles.

                                          I'm usually not a stickler for "convenience" but its a hell of a method when you dont have a half hour to stir.

                                          1. I got this killer recipe from Sunset Magazine for herb and wild mushroom Risotto that's to die for. As a matter of fact, I think I'll make it this week.

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                                              Can you post the recipe here? Thanks.

                                            2. I have two favourites,
                                              -dandelion risotto
                                              -seafood risotto made with only the seafood broth, no chunks of seafood.

                                              1. porcini mushroom risotto hands down

                                                1. It's seasonal for me. In the summer I like the lighter seafood and vegetable versions (e.g., corn, mushrooms, fresh peas, aparagus, lobster, shrimp) using a lighter stock. In winter I go for the heartier stocks and use things like squash, pancetta, etc. In fact there's a good chance I'm making butternut squash risotto tonight...

                                                  1. Just of late I've made two very good ones (if I do say so myself!) Risotto with butternut squash & porcini and one with mixed wild mushrooms. Both were very food.