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Jan 1, 2007 04:55 PM

Restaurants between Forest Hills and Rego Park, NYC

I moved into Forest Hills a few years ago and between my subway stop on 71st and the subway stop on 67th towards Rego Park are a handful of Kosher places where the fronts are all walled up or heavy curtains cover the windows so no one can see in or out. Also no menus are outside. So from my curiosity stems three questions. First, why so secretive? What's with the walls and curtains? Second, are they any good? What kind of food do they serve? Third, since they seem so forboding and uninviting to anyone who doesn't already know the answers to my questions, would I be welcome, or would I be treated as an outsider? I'd apprecriate any answers you guys have. Thanks!

Just for a reference, some of the names that I can think of are King David, Da Mikelle II, and Gan Eden. There are others, but they escape me.

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  1. I have not been to any of those restaurants but I believe the cuisine (as well as the owners) is Russian/Bukhari. The set up is probably cultural more so than an attempt to be uninviting.

    1. I know which restaurants you mean. Most of these as stated above are owned by Bukharians and cater to that clientele. Most also seem to host large parties on a fairly regular basis. We ate in one of them (I forget the name, it may have closed already) and the food was good -- Italian style actually, not Bukharian -- and the service was fine but we had called several weeks in a row to find a time that they were available and not hosting a party. I suspect the drapes in the front of the windows has a lot to do with the fact that they are more for parties than for walk in customers.