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Jan 1, 2007 04:46 PM

McKinney & Doyle in Pawling -- Is it slipping?

M&D has been one of our favorite places since we discovered it about three years ago, not least because it is about 20 minutes from our home. We usually go 2-3 times a year.

Last night, however, our experience was nothing less than disastrous. My wife's chicken arrived in a sauce that was thick and pasty -- obviously, the kitchen used a thickener rather than making a reduction. It was, in addition, so salty, that she sent it back. My salmon was pedestrian at best, and salty to boot. The fritters were soft, not crispy. Only the salad was appealing. We woke up this morning with queasy stomachs.

With a short menu (only 3 items) and only two sittings, I see no reason for this level of incompetence. Before making a judgment, however, I would appreciate knowing if anyone else has had a similar experience in the past 3 months. Simply put, is McKinney and Doyle slipping?

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  1. i live about 1/2 mile away...went about 6 weeks was great...going for my wife's birthday this weekend

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      Please give me an update after you go.

    2. hey bluefrog...went to m and d fri nite and had a wonderful time...we had jerry arons soup (10 years and many bowlfuls later it's still my favorite soup ever)...the crispy calamari...cooked perfectly with a great sweet and sour chili wife had the liver...her usual choice...was very good...i had maine shrimp rissotto...creamy tasty risotto and plenty of shrimp...we also tried the side dish sampler...8!! different portions, all good...could not find anything to complain about...our waitress, robin, was great, too.

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        Thanks, Corky. I guess we will just consider our experience to have been an off night (though I have heard at least one disappointing comment from another friend about recent experience).

      2. Hey all!

        Went today for brunch... 1st timers. Had many suggestions to go there. I have to say... we LOVED it... and the service was fantastic. Got there late in the day and everything was still quite delicious. My daughter wanted to know if we could come every morning for breakfast.

        - She had Bananas Foster's French Toast (fresh fruit on side was delicious) with warm maple syrup on the side - WONDERFUL!

        - I had Jerry Aron's Favorite Soup (scallop & shrimp in a sauterne-leek cream) - bought some to bring to a friend's house for them to try (delicious, fresh rolls were included with the take home - Unexpected and well appreciated)! - Astounding! The friends are now ready to go for a visit.

        - I also had the Birch Hill Omelet (chopped ripe tomato, honey baked ham and smoked gruyere cheese and some delicious home-made toasted bread with the provided strawberry preserves) - Very enjoyable.

        We even left with Banana Bread, Belgian Chocolate Cake and Bread Pudding for later. All were enjoyed. One of my friends (who tasted the cakes and soup) is from Hungary and the daughter of a baker and pastry chef... she gave the desserts high marks.

        We are planning to go again within the next week or two with more folks in tow. Unless you hear otherwise from me... I would expect that all will be at least equally as good next time. Let your concerns be calmed... hopefully it was a classic case of the "One Bad Night" syndrom. Sorry for the long post... but I hope it puts your mind to rest for a return visit.

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          My family went last week and we were refused service!!! I have never been so caught off guard in my life. They really need to work on their customer service. I refuse to ever go back there again!

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            Care to share their reasons for refusing you service?

            1. re: Elisa515

              Yeah, that sounds strange. I had an unpleasant experience when we went there for brunch a few weeks ago. I live 40 minutes away so we call to put our name on the list when we're on our way. They told me the wait was 20 minutes so I figured we'd be seated as soon as we got there. Wrong. After we got there, It took a half hour to be seated, and the person I assume was the manager told me that if you call and put your name on the list, what they do is when you get there they put you on a separate list with an estimated waiting time half that if you had just walked in, and it has nothing to do with what it was when you called. He claimed they tell everyone this when they call but I have never had it explained to me like that. And it doesn't work well -- it seemed to me that we got seated in the same order that it would have been had we just walked in without calling. It was particularly upsetting because we had to be in Danbury by a certain time and as a result of the long wait we had to rush through our meal. Fortunately, the food was still good.

              BTW they are going to be taking over half of the store to the left of them, so maybe the wait me for brunch will be less, eventually.