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Jan 1, 2007 04:28 PM

lamingtons, anyone?

Also known as icicles in the Boston area, the one bakery that I know of which featured them regularly is now an Italian bakery which no longer makes these goodies. They were rectangular cubes of gold cake, about the length of a cruller, dipped in chocolate ganache and rolled in coconut.

After searching food sites I've discovered that these are popular treats in Australia called lamingtons. Is anyone familiar and do you have a recipe or any advice to share?

Thanks, and happy new year to all.

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  1. No recipes but "Bakesale Betty's" in Oakland, CA has outstanding lamingtons. Then again, Betty is from Australia. Also great sticky pudding.

    1. Looks like I've got to get packing and choose a Quantas flight with a lay over in Oakland! Thanks, rtmonty.

      1. There are loads of Lamintons recipes on the web. It's a super easy thing to make...cake, thin icing, coconut....
        I say, do a google search, pick a recipe and let us know the results! I looked at a few and they all look pretty similar.
        Good luck!

        1. wikipedia says to use sponge cake to soak up the glaze, and importantly, dessicated (dried) coconut to roll the cakes in.

          Ever had any of the popular 70's health food treats (?)called "date rolls"? They are rolled in dessicated coconut. Not the moist kind in the packages at the supermarket. Health food stores have dessicated coconut. No sugar added.

          I do like the idea of using a fine grade of chocolate instead of a cocoa/sugar glaze, but it won't soak into the cake, which according to wiki is part of the charm. Maybe a sachertorte icing would work.

          1. Australians certainly do not use ganache for Lammingtons! They dip the sides of the cakes in a faily thin chocolate sauce that is soaked up by the cakes, then roll in very finely shredded coconut.
            There is a good recipe at ausinternet.