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Jan 1, 2007 03:55 PM

FOR TONIGHT: minimal wait izakaya or noodle soup near 2nd and 12th??

Going to a 7PM movie at the Village East tonight and know we will come out into the cold ready for a quick, warm meal. Our preference would be Asian: noodle soup or grilled things from an izakaya. Any suggestions for a place where there would be a minimal wait? Note: we live near Washington Square so something on the way back there would be great. Our model is a place like Soba-ya (or cheaper and simpler) but that place can have long waits (and we'd love to try something new).


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    1. Rai Rai Ken on 10th St. But it could be full and there could be a wait.

      You could try Momofuku, more expensive.

      Soba Koh is great - but not as "low down" as a plain noodle joint.

      Kasadela is great - but in the opposite direction - further east and down.

      Village Yochoko is another one.

      You could also just walk along St. Mark's - there are loads.