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Jan 1, 2007 03:33 PM

Your Fave NY Style Deli?

Happy New Year hounds!

Well, asked a simple question a few week's ago about Art's ( and next thing y'know rekindled the whole NY Jewish style deli debate. NY style delis arguably seem to engender as many diverse opinions among hounds as pizza and BBQ, with every deli mentioned having its admirers, yawners (even The Revered Langer's, mon dieu!) and haters.

With the Art's thread getting a bit long in the tooth, let me restart and reframe the question, namely: Aside from downtown & Langer's, and driving distance aside, what's your favorite Jewish style deli(s) in greater LA, and why?

Incidentally, we're sort of partial to Nate & Al's & Brent's (only been there a few times), but aside from Langer's pastrami IOHO the search for the holy grail of NY deli in LA remains unfulfilled. But fellow hounds, would it be remotely possible to reach some consensus on those worth a visit?

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  1. If this is anything we went to Jerry's on Saturday night and really enjoyed it. I had their Reuben and it was really good.

    1. Brents and don't laugh but Billy's in Glendale too.
      Art's...its as good as any if not better--one of a dying breed of family run delis like they used to have in NY. They are some of the friendliest people in the deli business.

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      1. re: monku

        Billy's is OK, but it's such a dive.

        1. re: mc michael

          It's not any worse to me than Langer's, to be honest -- the problem for me is explaining where it is to people. "So you know Brand, right? And you know Central? Yeah, it's on the stupid little parking-access street between them, called Orange."

        2. re: monku

          I referenced this topic to find where to go for breakfast on New Year's Day.

          Langer's was closed. So glad we went to Billy's! It was practically empty, there was no hassle with parking, and they serve Doc Brown's (diet cherry, even!) in glass bottles.

          Don't see how this is a dive...

          PS- perfectly cooked fries, which is rare for a deli/diner.

        3. I have not found any NY-style deli's in LA :-(

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          1. re: Obessed

            then you obviously haven't been to Langers or Nate and Al's.

            1. re: JPomer

              I have tried Nate and Al's, but maybe I'll give it another try. I also will definitely check out Langer's -- I've been reading lots of good things.

          2. I love Nate n Al's. No, their pastrami isn't quite as good as Langer's, but it's still tasty. Love the potato pancakes. Love the pickles and sauerkraut they serve you when you first sit down. And the waitresses are always so nice and friendly.

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            1. re: Newkie

              I think Jerry's sux. It's a chain and is way overpriced. If you want NY deli, you have to go to Canter's, Greenblatts or Nate and Al's.
              Canter's has great corned beef and prune danish. Greenblatts is a little pricier but has great corned beef and awesome scalloped potatoes and the carrot cake is insane. Nate and Al's is my third choice, but not as good as the other two.
              Where is Langer's? I've never heard of it.

              1. re: Mr Dan

                Alvarado and 7th, on one corner of MacArthur Park, which is frightening in the dark, if I may mix the song with its parody. It has fantastic pastrami -- ask for hand-cut and, for your first time, ignore any kind of weird add-ons to the sandwich... just get pastrami on rye and maybe put some brown mustard on it.

                  1. re: Das Ubergeek

                    Not only frightening in the dark, but closed at night, right? My friend tried go to for dinner and they were closed. I forget when he went, but I think he said they close at 4?

                    1. re: Pei

                      Yes, they're open Mon-Sat 0800-1600.

              2. Langers used to bring your to-go order to the curb for easy pick up. Do they still do that?

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