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Jan 1, 2007 03:32 PM

Mapleview Farms buttermilk

Does anyone know if Mapleview Farm's buttermilk is cultured, or is it old-fashioned? I bought some the other day and it is so delicious; it bears no resemblance to the other stuff that calls itself buttermilk today. Any idea why it's so good?

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  1. Do you mean this Maple View Farms?

    If so, it's possible that they're selling real buttermilk, as they do make cultured butter. Their butter manufacturing process makes no mention of recovering the buttermilk during processing, though.

    One possibility is that they are culturing non-skim milk instead of skim milk. Many people prefer non-skim buttermilk, as it's of course richer, but it's not real buttermilk at all, and in fact is less like the real thing than cultured skim milk.

    1. I'd guess that its cultured whole milk which may be further from the real thing, but its tasty and great for baking. I'm going to email them to find out for sure.

      1. here's what maple view farm said:

        Our buttermilk is cultured it is the only way the health department will allow it to be made. The milk that is leftover after making butter is not saleable. (That is the old fashion variety) Our buttermilk is made with whole milk.

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          Thanks for investigating, jenniesue. I guess whole milk makes a world of difference!

        2. and their whole milk is so vastly superior to the rest of the milk that's out there, too... start with great ingredients, you get great product...