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Jan 1, 2007 02:58 PM

Espresso- no Starbucks swill

Planning a trip to Seattle-Vancouver in June, and being coffee geeks it seems a java quest is mandatory, particularly in Seattle. Looking for coffee joints that get it (and Seattle is the heartland, n'est-ce pas?) and PLEASE none of that Starbucks burnt coffee crap.

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  1. it's a bit out of the way but in Seattle, Lighthouse Espresso, in Fremont/Phinney Ridge, is exquisite. They roast their own beans on the premises.

    Other than that, I haven't been to any Seattle coffeehouses recently enough to comment, but I have fond memories of Bauhaus, Victrola, Caffe Paradiso, and Avalon. (If any of those places are still open!)

    You should add Portland to your tour, there are a lot of places that "get it" down here.

    1. IMHO you should hit Vivace (Broadway & Denny in Capital Hill). They roast their own, so you can buy beans (I've got a fresh pound in my kitchen right now) and their coffee is fantastic--smooth, creamy, NOT burnt (I agree with you re: Starbucks). They have good cookies too. Enjoy your trip!


      1. Do not miss Vivace Roasteria.

        I'd also highly recommend Lighthouse Roasters.

        1. You must try Vivace. A trip to Seattle means you must; this is the real deal, and hard to top.
          However, Victrola is good as well (on 15th ave, Capital Hill).
          I second the poster who recommended Portland, whose extraordinary Stumptown coffee is not to be missed . . . among many other wonderful cafes.

          1. This query gets posted with some frequency. Here's a link to a recent post:


            These are some of my faves:
            Espresso Vivace
            Caffe Vita