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Jan 1, 2007 02:37 PM

Help in Hartford

Happy New Year Chowhounds!

We are supposed to meet some friends in Hartrford this week. None of us are from there it is just a halfway point. They are visiting from Europe and have an 11 month-old child and a senior citizen parent with them. I have only been to Hartford once. Any suggestions for a nice place to have a late lunch where we can hang out for a while and talk?

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  1. The Pond House Cafe in Elizabeth Park is on the Hartford/West Hartford line..about 5 minutes from downtown would be relaxing in a nice setting...good for babies, seniors & all...the food is good - American, BYOB though...and after lunch you can take a walk through the park

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      sounds nice-- how's the food there?

    2. The food is very's a pretty room and it's the kind of place where you can stay awhile

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      1. Check out the Elbow Room in West Hartford center:

        They serve food all day, so you can linger. It's quite good American food, something for everyone and kid friendly.

        But best of all you'll be in WH town center, and it's a lovely town to walk around if you feel like stretching your legs or if you show up early. Take the kid for (and yourself!) for ice cream next door at 59ers - they serve outstanding hormone-free ice cream made at UCONN. Great shops, bookstores, cafes, etc. Front Street Sweets for coffee/dessert is a good choice, though seating is limited. It's a few doors down from Starubucks.