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Jan 1, 2007 02:18 PM

Who makes the best Chocolate Souffle in NY?

A friend asked me who makes the best Chocolate Souffle in NY?

I looked at past posts from 2001-2005, but would like to get some feedback on places within the past year or so. Thanks

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    1. Agree on La Grenouille, and also Capsouto Freres.

          1. My current favorite of 10/06 is LCB Braserie Rachou (formerly La Cote Basque). I had chocolate souffle. I liked its balance of lightness, cakeyness, and creaminess.

            My second favorite souffle was at Cafe Gray as of 12/04. I believe mine was burnt organe-hazelnut, but menupages shows they now have chocolate passion fruit.

            La Grenouille's is simply too etherial for my taste. It tastes like they only use egg whites (no yolks); my pear souffle there last year tasted like it was a mix of egg whites and pear puree. That's not bad, but not to my taste.