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Jan 1, 2007 01:54 PM

Kitchen Bar- Oh no!

Went to kitchen bar in the South Slope last night. Have found it uneven in the past, but at times really delicious. Got the special paella. It came in an appropriate looking pan, but after that, the compliments end. The fish was overcooked, the rice was beyond bland. No chorizo, no hint of saffron. It was a real disappointment.
My dinner partner got fried chicken with garlic mash potatoes which he said was very tasty. My two year old seem to enjoy his burger tapas. The dessert was a brownie, gelato sandwich, and it was really from a brownie box tasting.
I think this is the end of me and kitchen bar.

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  1. I wish that place would get its act together. I read in the Post a couple of weeks ago that Gordon Ramsey is looking to a version of his Kitchen Nightmares show here in NYC. KitchenBar would be a prime candidate for revamping meal, menu, decor.