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Jan 1, 2007 05:14 AM

Berkeley - Juice Bar Collective Turkey Pie?

Was on my way to Saul's and there was a sign in the window of the Juice Bar Collective (JBC) that Turkey Pie was back. Is this any good?

I think I asked about JBC a while back and got sort of a 'eh' response. However, I see they get a few favorable mentions on the web ... even got a 'best of' award from the East Bay Express for a ginger drink they make.

Someone liked the mac and cheese. Anything else good there?

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  1. I used to frequent the JBC when I worked around the corner. They offer some fairly basic but good sandwiches and soups. -Or at least they did last time I checked, this was several years ago.
    Used to like the tuna and egg salad sandwich a lot, and they'd often run out of both by 4ish.
    Next time I am in the neighborhood, I'll poke my head in and check it out. The consistency of their hot items I am not so sure of, but Turkey Pie sounds good. Is it like Turkey Tamale Pie?

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      Don't know. The there was just the handwritten sign posted on the window.