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Jan 1, 2007 02:53 AM

Report on Presidio Social Club

We had dinner at Presidio Social Club Saturday evening and had an excellent time, although it's clear the restaurant (open four nights at that time) is still working on its systems.

There were four of us. One ordered pan-seared whole trout and had to leave early, after reporting that the trout was tasty and well seared. (I also tasted and confirmed.) Among the other three of us, we had the following appetizers: chopped liver (excellent but not as good as GoingOutAgain's Aunt Lilly's); butter lettuce salad (eh, what can you say); and grilled and butterflied sardines with lemon rinds and pine nuts (excellent, very strong as expected). And the following entrees: roasted chicken (crispy skin, tasty, well seasoned); swordfish special (okay but nothing special); and porterhouse porkchop (excellent and well seasoned). We disagree with a Yelp review that said the spinach was bland; I liked the spinach a lot. Most interesting was: One of us ordered liver and onions and the kitchen has declined to serve it yet, because they don't feel they have got it right for customers yet.

We had excellent cosmos (and ended up with two because the bar made two by mistaked) but so-so margaritas. Wine list is excellent and very inexpensive, most $30-50 for the reds. We loved the chocolate cupcakes and an almond gateau which was remarkable.

Really interesting, great atmosphere: former Army barracks (and thrift store) that has been renvoated into a kind of retro diner and dining room. The bar looks like an old dinner with spinning seats. The dining room is one big room with nice wooden tables and tall ceiling. I live a few blocks away and will be a regular.

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  1. We went to the Presidio Social Club this weekend and enjoyed it. StewartsDinDin was right about them still trying to iron out their system though. Service was friendly but our waitress stumbled through the specials.

    We missed the deadline for same-day reservations so we waited about half an hour for the communal table. I had a tasty mojito while we were waiting. I was happy with my order of the mac & cheese special (made with a blend of cheeses, the blue cheese being the strongest-$15). BF ordered the kobe beef sloppy joe served with great thin french fries and slaw. He thought it was very good but a little over-priced at $15. We both loved the made to order chocolate cupcakes served with a mini-mini milkshake.

    Overall it has great atmosphere and we would go back.