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Jan 1, 2007 01:53 AM

Any Kosher organic beef in L.A. area?

Short of phoning all the Kosher butchers and markets, I can't find any place that advertises this (though such places seem to be the last to get web savvy). I just moved to the L.A. area months ago, and though many markets carry kosher organic poultry, I'm interested in finding a place that I can get kosher organic beef from.

Thanks, Cordo

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  1. Try Pico blvd around Robertson There are a lot of Kosher meat markets in this area.... Good luck

    1. I kind'a looked around already, and I'm afraid it's hopeless.
      The only kosher organic animals around are CHICKEN, but not in the ethnic markets on Pico: Whole Foods is the only source I know of.

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        the Trader Joe's at 3rd and La Brea has organic kosher chicken as well.

        (sorry, no insight on beef...)

      2. I would try Ventura Kosher Meats in Tarzana.

        1. I buy organic, grass fed beef directly form an organic farm in California, near San Luis Obispo. Shipped frozen, via FedEx with dry ice. I emailed the farmer, she says her processor is Kosher. She'll check to be sure, I'll post back.

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            Thanks for the help on that one. The only option I can tell now is mail ordering from the East Coast, which adds a great surcharge. I'm very surprised that the huge Kosher scene in L.A. hasn't caught up to organic, grass fed, free range beef, when they do offer poultry that is organic, free range.

            1. Sorry, by "processor" I meant: slaughterhouse & meat packer.
              Actually, the meat industry uses very frecuently lots of "elegant" circumlocutions.
              E.g., "slaughtering" is called "harvesting", and so on.

              1. re: RicRios

                I just got this response from the ranch. Sorry for the delay:

                Our Processing Plant will not be able to do anything Kosher because they do process hogs there also. They would not be able to stop the other processing for the length of time needed. Also, there aren't enough trained "shochets" available to perform the ritual correctly to have enough of the hind quarter left to package. This would make the rest of the carcass extremely expensive.

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                Are you still buying organic beef kosher if so can you give me the
                the source I am from Los Angeles

              3. It is widely known that slaughter houses can accomodate both kosher and other methods of slaughter. It is merely a function of approach and then handling thereafter. Not a big deal frankly. I for one am interested to learn of another source of kosher meat. Please share.

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                1. re: Marcharlan

                  I am interested to learn of another source of kosher meat as well, especially if it's incredibly hard-to-find organic kosher beef. But I personally am highly skeptical that a supplier's spoken word is the least bit reliable if they don't even bother to so much as print anywhere on the package: "KOSHER." That's just plain preposterous, yet it appears to be the case with RicRios's source, above.

                  This is just simple common sense. It has nothing to do with differing religious standards related to kashrut (Jewish dietary laws), which I know are taboo for discussion on this board.