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Jan 1, 2007 01:13 AM

Recent Saffron visits?

My wife and I have a gift card for Saffron. I haven't seen any recent reviews or comments on it, so I'd like to hear from anyone who has been in the last few months. What's good and what to pass on even if it sounds good. Thanks.

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  1. Yes, I was there a few weeks ago. The wait for a table at Salt was an hour, so the girlfriend and I decided to try Saffron instead, having never been. Our meal was awesome, which was a relief because I had heard both good and bad things.

    Instead of each ordering an appy and a main, we decided to do a tasting menu of sorts, consisting of 6 of the small plates, two at a time, which we each ate half of and then swapped plates. This turned out to be a good way to survey the menu on a first visit. At least 4 of the 6 items were "oh my god..." good: scallop/foie/duck confit; butternut squash ravioli; seared white tuna; and duck confit pizza. The other 2, fried oysters and smoked duck breast over polenta cake, were very good as well, but maybe just a notch below the others. (I don't know why we were in such a mood for duck...)

    There were several interesting things to drink from the wine list, though I wish its depth and breadth matched that of the food menu. And the service was fine. All in all, a great meal.

    1. i'd second the foie, white tuna sashimi. also recommend for main the rack w/ perigeueax(?) sauce and foie gras ravioli and the asopao, a rustic latino style paella. have fun..

      1. Last night we had a really good meal. Starters: foie gras, squid stuffed with crab in an orange coconut sauce, the misnamed "white tuna sashimi" (which is neither raw nor tuna -- it is a fish with a name I forget; sounds something like escarole). We sopped all the sauce with our bread and left the plates so clean they probably didn't need the dishwasher. Two of us had the miso-marinated sea bass for entrees, with a wonderful spring vegetable blend, and the two guys had the steak frites, which had a great wine-y taste on the meat and rosemary garlic fries.

        I rarely say this, but every bite was delicious.

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          Haven't been in two months, but my wife and I loved it the few times we went. She always got the same thing- scallops over risotto, though just looking at their menu online, it's not on there. The fois and duck are great and some seafood stew that i can't remember the name was awesome (imagine an asian flavored cioppino, if that makes any sense). i was impressed that the chef was actually in the kitchen cooking, which i shouldn't be impressed with, but I find it's kind of rare, isn't it? anyway, definitely go, this post reminds me that I want to go back soon.

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            I couldn't find a menu on-line at all. Do you have a link?

        2. Interested to read these posts. I have been three times since Kim took over and twice when it was the Saffron of lore. I have to say that after the last meal there, i decided to take Saffron off my restaurant list. Yes! I love love love that seared super white tuna app but felt everything else was a) bit a heavy handed w/ the salt b) too much going on the one plate; too many flavours, too many ideas and too much colour.