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Jan 1, 2007 01:06 AM

Hats off to Seghesio !

On Friday night, a group of friends were enjoying some great food and wine. After about two hours (and more than a few corks being pulled on some very nice wines), I opened a Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel (2004 I believe). This wine stood up well compared to the previous wines that were poured, many that were 3 - 4 times the price. To me, this is one important indicator that a wine is a great value. I understand this may not be the case if we were drinking those precious first growth bordeaux bottles that are in the same price range as a mortgage payment. I just want to give recognition to a wine that is deserved of praise, is readily available, and certainly affordable at under $20. Cheers to 2007 !

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  1. Seghesio is one of the original zins in Sonaom. For the most part it's always a very good quality zin, one that you can depend on vintage after vintage. So, not surprised that it was enjoyed by all. And, as you point out, it's very reasonably priced. A great value, you bet.

    1. I gave my cousin a bottle of Seghesio Sonoma Coast for Christmas because it was my favorite red wine find of this past year. I keep thinking I should buy their $30 zin just to see if it really is twice as good, but the cheaper one is so good I just keep getting it.

      If I can find a new under $20 wine this good in 2007, I will be a very happy camper. Til then, the Seghesio is my go-to red. Happy new year!