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Jan 1, 2007 12:42 AM

Sancho's closed for expansion

When checking out the new Emerald Market in Redwood City, I noticed that Sancho's Tacqueria was closed. I learned from the locals that they were expanding due to huge popularity. Re-opening date unknown. They have received so many positive reviaews, I had wanted to try it when I went to the new grocery. It, by the way, is very nice, very upscale with prices to match. I wish they would label their baked goods which look good in their single serve containers, but you have to guess at what they are. The staff had no idea either.

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  1. Has anyone been by lately? Sancho's is worth the drive from the flatlands, but only if it's open...would love to hear if anyone's seen a re-opening date.

    1. I would like to talk to myself on the Internet and report that Sancho's is indeed still open during the expansion. It looks like the expansion is still a ways from being complete. Back to you, orezscu.

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        The newly expanded Sancho's is open. Approximately fifteen tables, seating outside, a half dozen seats at the bar, four beers on tap and the food is as good as ever. The fish and shrimp tacos are not to be missed -- no lifeless tilapia here. They get a credit card processor in mid-May, so it's cash only for now. Back to you, orezscu.

        (for the record, this place is about a five minute drive into the hills from RWC and serves mostly locals/in the know local gourmands)