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Food Resolutions for 2007

Anyone making food related resolutions for 2007? Want to share them?

1) Be more creative in my cooking
2) Eat less in terms of quantity but more in terms of quality
3) Finally begin organizing all of my recipes in order to begin writing our family cookbook (I'd like to present a copy to each of my girls when they move out)

How about it Hounds . . . .

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  1. We are going back to watching our carbs. Got to get our indulgences atoned for, we each need to get about 6-7lbs. back off.

    I cook all of the time from scratch so quality/quantitiy is not an issue

    1. 1) Support the Slow Food movement by buying local and regional organic products.
      3) Learn to make great cream of mushroom soup and tomato bisque
      4) Learn to bake fantastic whole wheat bread
      5) Explore cooking a few classic Thai and Indian dishes
      6) Use the produce I buy before it goes bad

      1. Start getting rid of some of the 1,000 cookbooks that I have.

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        1. re: chef poncho

          be very very selective. I jettisoned a bunch a couple of years ago to a Red Cross fundraiser. I really considered deeply what I was donating and still find myself going back looking for a particular recipe that was in a book I was positive I would never open again.

        2. 1. Learn more about wine
          2. Encourage my children to cook more
          3. Start a garden

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          1. 1. SHop local as much as possible.
            2. Completley abandon industrial meat.
            3. Eat sustainable fish.
            4. Eat more fois gras.

            Sorry for the moralistic nature of this all, but Omnivore's Dilemma hit me pretty hard.

            1. 1: Compost- spent my gift certificate at the nursery on a worm composter.
              2: Like the learn more about wine...
              3: If I don't have 30 minutes to relax and enjoy a meal, then grab an energy bar.
              4: Farmer's Markets
              5: Budget for organic
              6: No non-organic dairy again EVER. At my age, more hormones is not a desireable thing...
              7: Pay Attention! Enjoy!

              1. 1. Reduce food waste
                2. Eat more meats and veggies and less carbs (so hard to do)
                3. Buy less (to reduce food waste)
                4. Try atleast one new restaurant each month
                5. Try to make fresh pasta

                1. 1. Eat more variety -- I'm a creature of habit and can eat the same thing day in and day out without a mote of bother
                  2. Eat more color-- I eat a lot of the same color, good stuff, but a lot of broccoli and spinach is not as good as a little broc, a little cranberries, a little tomato
                  3. Eat more fish -- maybe I'll even try salmon... again, even though I try it every year with new preparations and hate it ... wish it weren't so
                  4. Eat more good fats
                  5. Focus more on aesthetics, presentation, and eating with the eyes... making eating an experience rather than just a necessity and nourishment act

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                  1. re: Emme

                    Re number 3: More fish is a great idea, but don't force the salmon if you really don't like it. (Everyone's allowed to have a few foods that they just don't like; and besides, there'll be more salmon for me. :-)

                    There's a great list in Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything" cookbook - Twenty Fish Dishes for Fish Haters. It includes things like:

                    - Broiled fillets with pesto
                    - Red snapper with a buttered-pecan crust
                    - Roast cod with potatoes
                    - Herb-roasted monkfish
                    - Halibut simmered in soy sauce
                    - Grilled swordfish or tuna with mustard sauce

                    I'm going to try a bunch of these on my mom, who's not much of a fish eater. She's another one who really doesn't like salmon, no matter how much she tries.


                  2. Renew my dedication to only buying/eating local, organic meats, dairy and produce. Only eat sugar, cheese, and bread that are actually worth the calories, fat and carbs!

                    1. 1) Clean out my pantry
                      2) Clean out my fridge and freezer (what is in there anyway?)
                      3) More homemade lunches, fewer purchased out
                      4) Continue to expand what I grow in my garden using only non-modified seeds
                      5) Remember that I don't have to eat something that tastes bad or average just beacause it is in front of me (good for office parties)

                      1. Bigger, higher-quality lunches, and smaller, lighter dinners

                        1. Be more accepting of those who are not Chowhounds.

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                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            Agree wholeheartedly. After my most recent holidays, I have decided I will not try to foist my idea of quality food/drink on my loved ones. Even if it means bringing them wine that comes in a box.
                            If its what they like, then they shall receive it. But I don't have to drink it.

                          2. Eat smaller portions
                            Eat more vegetables (cheese has taken over that food group!)
                            Explore Rhone wines in-depth
                            Expand my bread-making repretoire

                            1. ~Eat more fish
                              ~Organzie my recipes -wish me luck!
                              ~Be more selective and relaistic with the condiments that I buy
                              ~Keep trying to perfect my baking skills
                              ~Learn more about Indian food and how to prepare a few good dishes well
                              ~Read the labels

                              1. Plant 3 tomato plants this spring, (homegrown are the best)
                                Shop for produce only at the farmers markets
                                Buy as locally as possible..no matter what it is.
                                Exercise more..outdoors.
                                Eat more soup
                                Eat less red meat
                                Have company for dinner more often

                                1. Master Coq au Vin.
                                  Diet and Excercise.
                                  Eat less take out.

                                  1. -Seek out local Chowhounds
                                    -Reduce sugar intake
                                    -Eliminate storebought salad dressing
                                    -Continue to expose my daughter & husband to the pleasures of farmers' markers, good food and time at the table with family and friends

                                    1. -Plan meals better so not so much waste
                                      -Cut out cola once and for all
                                      -Exercise everyday so I don't have to cut out food I love!


                                      1. . Lose 5 pounds
                                        . Run at least five miles daily
                                        . Eat more healthy, nourishing foods like pork chops and pizza

                                        1. - up my running, because I won't lower my food/alcohol intake
                                          - enroll in culinary school
                                          - cook at least 5 times a week, even/especially if I have a bad day at work
                                          - shop at the local market more, even in the winter when the walk is a cold one
                                          - try new wines; been stuck on some favourites for a few months now
                                          - finally construct my spice rack
                                          - attempt fresh pasta again after last year's debacle

                                          1. cook something new at least once a week. I tried this last year and went overboard so started feeling really good about my self control and gave myself a holiday from the resolution only to not start it again!

                                            1. -- Add more healthy dishes (ones that we like!) into the regular meal rotation
                                              -- Find lots of creative ways to eat more vegetables (roasted root vegetables, yum)
                                              -- Make my first cassoulet. If it doesn't come out right the first time, try again. (If it does come out right the first time, definitely try again!)
                                              -- Make a fritatta (another thing I've never done). See if I can find a combination of ingredients my teenage son will like and eat for dinner.
                                              -- More braising.
                                              -- Explore African cooking-- I got Soul of a New Cuisine for Christmas.
                                              -- Keep exploring a variety of fillings for homemade potstickers until I have some real favorites.

                                              It's much more fun to make food related resolutions than any other kind!

                                              1. - Make more creative vegetable dishes and really enjoy them
                                                - Learn to cook more meat dishes like my recent shortribs try for my carnivore son, especially with inexpensive cuts of meat.
                                                - Buy a bento box and bring a bento box lunch to work a few days a week.
                                                -Try more random restaurants without waiting for the Hounds to recommend them.

                                                1. 1) eat more prime beef than last year
                                                  2) eat more crab than last year
                                                  3) eat more in season sweet corn than last year
                                                  4) buy a share in the local farm co-op this spring

                                                  1. 1. Eat only truly delicious food
                                                    2. Support restaurants that are welcoming
                                                    3. Drink more water (sparkling or not)
                                                    4. Organic as much as is possible

                                                    1. Thank you everyone! I have really enjoyed reading your posts, and I must say that every single one of them has at least one item that I want to make my own. Chowhounds are a great bunch! Happy New Year and happy chowing in '07.

                                                      1. 1. Eat more locally grown/produced foods
                                                        2. Learn to prepare (really good) prime ribs of beef
                                                        3. Learn how to repair a broken bearnaise sauce (it ALWAYS breaks!)
                                                        4. Drink more good wine
                                                        5. Give away old cookbooks I no longer use to make room for more cookbooks I'll probably never use.
                                                        6. Try out the Zojirushi Bread Maker I bought 2 years ago on Craig's List

                                                        1. Cover as much of Food and Wine magazine's 100 Must Try Tastes for 2007 as I can

                                                          Learn and master authentic Indian and Mexican cooking at home

                                                          (of course) get my tush off of whatever I am sitting on and move it daily (goal of being comfortably back into size 12 pants- emphasis on comfortable; Long term goal = back to size 10, comfortably)

                                                          Less sweets

                                                          Better portion control

                                                          Make a new, never-done-before meal at least twice each week

                                                          Continue exploring southern hemisphere wines, especially Argentinian malbecs and wines from Portugal and Chile

                                                          Explore upstate New York wines

                                                          Snack healthier

                                                          Grow my personal chef business

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                                                          1. re: cooknKate

                                                            I "explored" an upstate NY wine just last night -- a bottle that one of my kids' friends brought here over the holidays -- and, if it's indicative of others from the region, I'd say my exploring days are over. It was from Bully Hill -- called something like Old Goat -- and it was, in a word, BLEEEECH!

                                                            1. re: CindyJ

                                                              I wouldn't ever base an opinion on one bottle of wine. You however, are free to do what you want with it.

                                                              I have had wine from the Finger Lakes region that was very nice and will be looking at more this year.

                                                          2. Frequent a small, local wine store and pick up/drink at least one new bottle, from an unfamiliar producer, a week.

                                                              1. There are some good, inspiring ideas here! These are my resolutions for 2007:

                                                                1. Eat more whole grains.
                                                                2. Less take-out, more home cooking.
                                                                3. No more trans fats (not even that "under 0.5 grams so we say it's trans-fat free" food).
                                                                4. Less high fructose corn syrup - if it has HFCS, I probably don't need to eat it.
                                                                5. Learn how to roast my own chicken, rather than relying on the supermarket's rotisserie.

                                                                Most importantly, I need to pamper myself more with my favorite fresh fruits and veggies. Life is too short not to eat quinces, caramelized leeks, artichokes, kale, pears, or fava beans.


                                                                1. 1. find better cheap, easy, healthy and real-food weeknight meals
                                                                  2. cook a fancy meal at least one weeknight evening every other week
                                                                  3. fewer carbs in the evenings
                                                                  4. less sodium

                                                                  Not really food, but it goes in my body: TAKE MY CALCIUM. It's stupid not to, because osteoporosis is a big deal in my family.