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Jan 1, 2007 12:20 AM

Food Resolutions for 2007

Anyone making food related resolutions for 2007? Want to share them?

1) Be more creative in my cooking
2) Eat less in terms of quantity but more in terms of quality
3) Finally begin organizing all of my recipes in order to begin writing our family cookbook (I'd like to present a copy to each of my girls when they move out)

How about it Hounds . . . .

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  1. We are going back to watching our carbs. Got to get our indulgences atoned for, we each need to get about 6-7lbs. back off.

    I cook all of the time from scratch so quality/quantitiy is not an issue

    1. 1) Support the Slow Food movement by buying local and regional organic products.
      3) Learn to make great cream of mushroom soup and tomato bisque
      4) Learn to bake fantastic whole wheat bread
      5) Explore cooking a few classic Thai and Indian dishes
      6) Use the produce I buy before it goes bad

      1. Start getting rid of some of the 1,000 cookbooks that I have.

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        1. re: chef poncho

          be very very selective. I jettisoned a bunch a couple of years ago to a Red Cross fundraiser. I really considered deeply what I was donating and still find myself going back looking for a particular recipe that was in a book I was positive I would never open again.

        2. 1. Learn more about wine
          2. Encourage my children to cook more
          3. Start a garden

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          1. 1. SHop local as much as possible.
            2. Completley abandon industrial meat.
            3. Eat sustainable fish.
            4. Eat more fois gras.

            Sorry for the moralistic nature of this all, but Omnivore's Dilemma hit me pretty hard.