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Jan 1, 2007 12:07 AM


im being taken to manderin (the chain) this weekend. what should one expect? people tell me it's great for chinese buffet.

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  1. "Great" if you like soggy steam-table stir-fries. Stick to the carved-to-order roast beef station and the salad bar.

    1. Yes it is buffet, but because of such quick turnover, the food hasn't been sitting overly-long.

      A bit of general advice.Don't go to any restaurant with a theme and order the opposite (such as a Chinese and order the roast beef, salad bar, and fries).

      1. As chinese buffets go, it's pretty solid, mostly westernized chinese food buffet-style. That means it shouldn't beat your favorite chinese place for quality or authenticity (assuming you like authenticity), but ... it has a phenomenal selection and turns over frequently, so it's relatively fresh. Not as fresh as made-for-you, but more fresh than your average buffet.

        So, well above average for chinese buffet, but nothing special from a pure 'quality of food' perspective.

        1. im glad someone posted about this place, i see this restaurant everywhere and have wanted to try it, but I have been a little turned off by the pink decor and appearance of the outside of the buildings. Can anyone say which one is the best? or worst?

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            When I worked at Yonge & Davisville, my department would go up to the Mandarin @ Yonge/Eglinton for special occasions. We really enjoyed it there plus the service is really nice and friendly.

            But the Brampton one...I've only been once and refuse to go there ever again. Sure it's got some nifty theme areas (such as the live birds behind a glass wall and the waterfall, etc.), but when the server tried to charge us for the child's (7 and up) lunch instead of the 4 year old child's lunch (which is how old my daughter was at the time) and then had to gall to argue with me (Telling ME that my daughter was 7!!!), well...that was an experience that totally soured me to that location. I mean, that was a $9.00 difference, if I recall correctly!

          2. in my personal opinion, the best mandarin is the one across from the Woodbine Centre (although i heard the one in Brampton is good, i havent been). the absolute worst in my opinion is the one at finch and dufferin. i do enjoy mandarin about once a year. its got tons of variety and so you always find something. my boyfriend actually prefers to go to the mandarin as opposed to some other restaurants because hes convinced that the mandarin is the freshest because it has the highest turnover of food.

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              Have to agree with you on this location. It is the one my wife and I frequent maybe 2-3 times a year. The Queensway location is equidistant away but we never go there anymore..............they try too hard (to please) and end up being a nuisance, yanking things off your table prematurely. The manager had all the staff ruffled and nervous over his stupid demands. Wife spoke to him about it. Then he showed up at the Rexdale Blvd. location and had everbody upset there too. Got another blast of course and things seem to be ok again. Have never been to the Dufferin location, but friends have high regards for it.