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Dec 31, 2006 11:30 PM

Sushi in Scottsdale ?

Where would one go to find the best Sushi in Scottsdale AZ ? Thanks in advance to all who respond.

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  1. Toyama at Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale Road:

    Freshest sushi I've ever had in the Valley, plus none of that pretention you can get at trendy Scottsdale sushi places like Blue Wasabi. Not as expensive as Sushi on Shea. This restaurant is small, with a nice neighborhood feel. Seems like mostly locals there. I also love the ginger salad dressing on their house salads.

    Only thing I haven't loved are the scallop roll (? think that's what it was called) --- no rice on the outside but tempura battered and some sort of miso sauce and hot sauce squirted on the plate. It was not really sushi, which is what I was expecting. This was on their special menu, not the sushi menu.

    1. As usual, I will throw Hiro Sushi at Shea & 90th street into the mix. Again, its small and mostly asian except for weekend nights.

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        i too was encouraged that most of the people at hiro were japanese nationals, but i found the sashimi to be sub-par, less fresh than toyama so consistently is. the atmosphere at hiro, though, is fun. the bar is lively and people are definitely enjoying themselves, drinking lots.

        1. re: lilitake

          How's the price? That far into north scottsdale sends off warning signals to my wallet.

          1. re: tdreyno

            I think the price is reasonable.


            It's located in the strip mall NE of the intersection of Via Linda and 90th St.

            1. re: tdreyno

              toyama is cheaper than sushi on shea, in my experience. and it doesn't at all feel like a north scottsdale establishment -- it's in a strip mall with a safeway.

        2. We love SushiKo on Shea and 92nd street

          and Sakana on Indian Bend and Hayden.

          Both very Small, lots of daily specials based on what fresh fish is available.
          The sashimi is wonderful @ Sakana....very fresh!