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Dec 31, 2006 10:01 PM

Steamboat CO

Need restaurant advice for a February trip - thx

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  1. Cafe Diva for fine dining and great wines at slopeside. The Ore House if you want a traditional steakhouse that's been in town forever. Winona's for home-made breakfasts in town. Hazie's for a sit-down dinner with a night view of town. Cottonwood Grill for trendy Asian fare. The Creekside for atmosphere and Euro-ish food. Rio Grande for killer margaritas and OK Tex-Mex food. Backcountry Provisions if you want sandwiches to take on an x-c ski excursion or snowshoe hike. I know I've forgotten something, but that should be a start.

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        we are hoping to get in Diva in teh next day or two although the hostess who was taking reservavtions was about as rude as one could be. my ski instructor says "Darrel" at Diva is the best waiter in town.

        had a very good dinner at "Harwig's L'Apogee".

      2. Second the rec for Winona's. My favorite breakfast place anywhere in the world. Great cinnamon rolls, and the green chile grits are wonderful.

        Rio Margs are legendary, and the limit of 3 is no joke (especially at altitude). Make sure you have a designated driver, because they are potent. Their food is mediocre (although anything with steak is pretty good there - it is nice marinated flank steak).

        1. Winona's is great. Had breakfast twice in our last visit...everything was good. Decent portions. Huge cinnamon rolls, a little airy for me, still good though. Can't remember the name of the restaurant, but ate at a little Italian place in the basement on the main street. Seems like it was under a hotel...Wonderful food, reasonable prices.

          1. Thanks for all these suggestions; any particularly "kid friendly" places?

            1. Just about any restaurant, even the fanciest for kids who aren't TOO little, is kid-friendly, because Steamboat is a major-league family resort.