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Dec 31, 2006 09:59 PM

Daco Romano - Sunnyside Coffee Spot

Pleasantly surprised by the coffee at this new cafe, bakery space. Their baked goods, however, unfortunately are another story. The last 2 times I've been there their selection of pastries is minimal. The shelf was barely half full of goodies. I've only tried the croissant and it is your typical Wonder Bread variety- dry, not at all buttery or flaky. Nothing else on the shelf really looked very appetizing. Too bad. It'd be nice to have a sweet accompaniment to the coffee. Oh, and the chairs could be more comfortable.

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  1. yes, i have to agree. while the coffee is good. there is hardly any choice at all for a pastry to nibble on while sitting there. i wish they would expand a little. what's the point of having seating if there's nothing to sit and eat? i had an apricot croissant that was, yes, "wonder bread variety", dry and flat, kinda mush.
    zoita's part 2 ???

    1. The coffee, however, is excellent. In fact, the espresso is some of the best I've had in Queens.

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        yes, it's just a shame that there's only a few trays of cookies and some deflated looking croissants to choose from....