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Monrose Catering, Looking for Wedding Caterer

Has anyone hosted or attended a wedding catered by Monroe Catering in Malibu? Any thoughts? How about Truly Yours, Jazzy Blues, Dian's Creative Catering?

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  1. How about the owner of Grub, Betty Fraser? She owns a catering company, and she is a contestant on the Bravo t.v. show Top Chef 2. Google Grub in Los Angeles, and you will find her catering company.

    1. Monrose catered my wedding. The food was really good, and the owner is really nice, but a little too laid back for me - she wasn't on top of everything. She forgot to put out a few things at the wedding (frames that we made, candy jars for our candy buffet, food for us after the ceremony, etc), but overall i think they did a good job and they were very reasonable.

      1. I used Truly Yours, as they were the onsite caterer for my wedding at Malibou Lake Country Club. The food was average wedding food--decent, not spectacular, but also not horrible. They have a very extensive menu and were flexible on menu items. I liked that they were professional, on time, organized, and responsive to calls and emails. At Malibou Lake, they had a coordinator who was in charge of setting out all the menu cards, favors, etc. I don't know how negotiable they are on prices, but their prices are reasonable.

        1. Folks, please keep your responses focused on the food aspect of weddings. Chowhound is not an all purpose wedding site, so info on coordinators, invitations, party favors and the like will be better researched elsewhere on the net.

          1. Allisonteal, what kind of food did you have? Do they have a speciality? What worked, what didn't (FOODWISE--MODERATORS!!!)? And were they reasonably priced? Did guests comment on the food?

            And Slacker, there werre some really negative comments on this site about Truly Yours. What kind of food did you eat, and what did you like/dislike about it?

            1. Of course service is part of the overall DINING experience. How was the service at Monrose and Truly Yours? How many people were you feeding? Some caterers are not good at serving the FOOD hot at large events, and we're having 150 people for a sit-down dinner, most likely. Also it's easier to COOK at some locations than others. I'm doing an outdoor event, which is why I asked about location. (I'm NOT looking for advice on a location. I already have one, moderators!) Some caterers can only pull off events at indoor venues.

              1. I don't know anything about the ones you mentioned, but on Friday I went to a wedding in Diamond Bar and they used The Bashful Butler. I spoke with the bride after the wedding since we all thought the food was so good. It was a sit-down dinner in which everyone got a chicken breast with sauce (not sure from the menu exactly which one it was, but I believe that there were nuts in it). A thick steak (about 2") cooked perfectly medium rare with a mushroom cap on top and a brown sauce. Mashed potatoes (fantastic!) and French green beans almondine. Prior to the meal, we had a great salad of baby greens, walnuts, etc. in a vinaigrette. Very fresh and delicious. They served rolls. Had a cheese/fondue bar and lemonade/iced tea bowls. Apparently this company took care of everything. They also did the bartending (father of the bride supplied some very nice alcoholic beverages and wine) and they did the cake as well. Now the cake was fantastic - everyone agreed. Simply beautiful 5-tiered white cake with a very light frosting and some chocolate mousse-type filling. So delicious. The service is wonderful - very on the ball and gracious. Also, the reception is located at the very new The Diamond Bar Center at Summitridge Park which is FANTASTIC and the views phenomenal (and you can bring in your own caterer!).




                1. We had carved tri tip with horseradish mashed potatoes, pasta with shrimp and sundried tomatoes, grilled winter vegetables, and salad with pecans and goat cheese. Forget what the appetizers were, bruschetta and satay chicken and something. The food was better at the wedding than at the tasting, which was nice. Honestly, I ate about 2 bites of it at the wedding.

                  At the tasting, the crab cakes were terrible, so we didn't get those. We had 130 people, but the kitchen is onsite at Malibou Lake, so there wasn't an issue of serving hot food. I guess the only "issue" I had was they wouldn't do a choice of entree, only a split entree or a buffet. So we had to do a buffet because I had several people who were vegetarian. But I have no idea if that's a general Truly Yours rule or a Malibou Lake rule. We had no service issues, we had a person we could talk to about any problems beforehand or at the wedding, they knew what they were doing, had the timeline all worked out for me, and kept everyone on schedule. This was 3 years ago, and I haven't been to an event catered by them since then, so all I can report on is my experience, and I haven't read any negative reviews of them.

                  My cake, however, was AMAZING and it was from Layers in Sherman Oaks.

                  Where is your venue? Do they have a list of recommended caterers?

                  1. My venue is www.ranchodelcielomalibu.com. It's an outdoor location, and Truly Yours brings it own grills, I think. They are cheaper than everyone because they own their own rentals, but I'm a journalist who sometimes writes about food. I will have a couple chefs and food writers at my wedding. The food has to be superb, which is tough because I'm on a budget.

                    1. Wow, that place looks beautiful!

                      Yeah, I wouldn't call it superb. To me, the only wedding food I ever remember is bad wedding food. The rest all kinda blends. I also didn't work with Chris, which I think was the source of some of the negative reviews. I wonder if you went "ethnic": Mexican, Middle Eastern, if that would be cheaper. Or maybe a caterer based out of Ventura would be cheaper than LA.

                      There is definately something to be said, however, for having their own rentals. It's much less stress for you, and keeps costs down.

                      1. I'm now considering Evan at Angeli cafe. I love her restaurant food and didn't realize she also did caterng. Has anyone had her cater a big outdoor event? If so, what did you serve and how did her food/service translate outside the restaurant? I'm thinking a family-style meal would be fun and easier to pull off than a full-service, plated, sit-down meal.

                        1. You should consider the Kitchen for Exploring Foods on the border of Eagle Rock/Pasadena.
                          I had an appetizer/dessert buffet party catered by them that was terrific. Also went to a friend's sitdown wedding dinner that was exceptional.

                          1. I'd like to know more about your appetizer dessert buffet. I'm planning a big birthday party and that sound great.

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                              Depending on what you want to spend, they either have a full catering service providing manpower, set-up etc, or they have a less expensive option called 'gourmet to go' where you do the pick-up and set-up (similar to Joan's on Third). I've done both and they're both great. If you do the to go version, they can provide platters, bowls etc. to make your party more festive. I'd go by if you have a chance. They have a small storefront where they sell a few samplings of their take-out for lunch and dinner. They also have menus of the different options.You can taste their food that way with out making a big commitment. PS - Am also a big fan of Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock - but don't like there catering as much as the Kitchen.

                            2. Check out Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock. They do a lot of weddings, and have gotten very good reviews on this site. I've been to a number of their catered affairs. The food is fabulous and they really work with you to create what you want--and they'll stay within your budget.

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                                We used Auntie Em's to cater a cocktail party and, quite frankly, it was bad. They promised us all kinds of hand crafted appetizers and all we got were bowls of various dips and pita crackers and bread. For the money, it was a rip off.

                              2. I have been to a wedding, and a birthday party catered by Auntie Em's Kitchen, and both were great. The wedding was a sitdown at this beautiful house in Silverlake, and all of the guests at my table were thrilled. The food was really fresh and very creative. The other party was a smaller birthday party with tray passed appetizers. The crab cakes with some sort of spicey dip, and the mushroom pate on baguette slices really stood out. Last year we went to a Super Bowl party on the west side and the hostess picked up a bunch of food from Clementines, which was great. The food was more along the lines of dip type food, but really quality, and much better than anything you could get from a grocery store. This is a good option if it is a more casual event.

                                1. Betty from Grub ios great- I have eaten at the restaurant many times and the food is clever and delicious. a bit on the cute side. She catered some events I went to a few years back and I remember the feedback was good. I did not have a good experience with Truly Your's.......

                                  1. I am an event and wedding coordinator. It probably would not be in good taste for me to comment on theses caterers. I did want to say that I have planned weddings at your location and it is absolutely lovely! Wishing you the best.

                                    1. Their food is fantastic and very reasonable. They did our wedding in Santa Barbara, and al our guests raved about the food. They are also no nice! As far as I am concerned, I have neer had better food at any event including Trump and the 4 Seasons. They are 5 Star!

                                      1. We hired Monrose Catering for my father's 70th birthday party in West Hollywood. The company is very professional, and everything went according to plan. We were so happy to have them at our event, and our guests were really were impressed with the food and the service. They did all the set-up and take down in a very efficient manner. We had the tri-tip, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes, and finger foods. Many families in Malibu hire this company to get the job done, and they were recommended to me in the highest regard.