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Dec 31, 2006 09:54 PM

Monrose Catering, Looking for Wedding Caterer

Has anyone hosted or attended a wedding catered by Monroe Catering in Malibu? Any thoughts? How about Truly Yours, Jazzy Blues, Dian's Creative Catering?

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  1. How about the owner of Grub, Betty Fraser? She owns a catering company, and she is a contestant on the Bravo t.v. show Top Chef 2. Google Grub in Los Angeles, and you will find her catering company.

    1. Monrose catered my wedding. The food was really good, and the owner is really nice, but a little too laid back for me - she wasn't on top of everything. She forgot to put out a few things at the wedding (frames that we made, candy jars for our candy buffet, food for us after the ceremony, etc), but overall i think they did a good job and they were very reasonable.

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          1. I used Truly Yours, as they were the onsite caterer for my wedding at Malibou Lake Country Club. The food was average wedding food--decent, not spectacular, but also not horrible. They have a very extensive menu and were flexible on menu items. I liked that they were professional, on time, organized, and responsive to calls and emails. At Malibou Lake, they had a coordinator who was in charge of setting out all the menu cards, favors, etc. I don't know how negotiable they are on prices, but their prices are reasonable.