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Dec 31, 2006 09:53 PM

Question? How much wine can I take to Japan in Checked luggage?

I can't seem to find a source that can tell me what the limits are for taking bottles of American wine to Japan via United Airlines checked luggage. Does anyone know where the website would be that would tell me how much a person or a checked bag I can take?

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  1. The best source would be to check with the Japanesse Customs authorities. They are the ones who can tell you how much wine you can bring in, what the duty will be for exceeding that amount, etc., etc.

    1. Japan customs website says: 3 bottles (< 760 ml) per person tax free, 225 yen per additional bottle thereafter. Source:

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        (You *do* know this question was asked back in 2006, don't you? I would hope the OP isn't still wondering . . . )


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          As surely as you *do* know that answers on Q&A sites are less for the one OP and more for the many others who have the same question later.