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Dec 31, 2006 09:52 PM

Today...who has the best breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? in Las Vegas

Just trying to get an update on all the gazillion restarants that Vegas has to offer. Two months ago we had steak at Vic's and Anthony's at the Golden Nugget and we were pleasantly suprised...the steak was excellent and the sides were really delicious. Going to Rosemary's...haven't been in 2 years and according to you sounds like they are just as consistent and wonderfully delicious. We were going to to go Bouchon but now...since we have never been there...Paris Buffet sounds like the real deal..unless anyone else has suggestions. We need one more dinner suggestion....anything goes but no $$$$...$$ to $$$ since we are a large group. Haven't tried Jean-Philippe P√Ętisserie....any good? Thanks

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  1. I enjoyed the Huevos Rancheros at The Verandah at the Four Seasons on my last trip (at the recommendation of this board). The amosphere was very peaceful as well.

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      I have to fully agree with the Verandah and the Huevos Rancheros. Hands down the BEST!!! Atmosphere, especially when you are able to sit outside is beautiful. Last trip we ate at both Bouchon and Verandah and out of a party of 6 we all like Bouchon but the Verandah was unanimous as the best!

    2. The best breakfast buffet deal in town is the Southpoint Hotel on S. Las Vegas Blvd. $6.95 It's plentiful, fresh, lots of seafood choices, omlettes made to order, carved ham and roast beef, asian specialties, fresh fruit,......

      Or for a classic Vegas Breakfast: The Peppermill....Omlettes are enormous, the eggs benedict awesome and the waffle...enough for 2 or 3 to share!!!

      1. If you don't mind goint to a quiet place away from all the action, we (who live here) like Table 34 on Warm Springs.

        1. weekday -
          breakfast - hash house a go-go
          lunch - capriotti's
          dinner - depends on
          italian - nora's or ferraro's
          japanese - makino's
          thai - lotus of siam
          steak - delmonico's, nine
          pizza - metro
          chinese - ping pang pong

          brunch - dim sum - changs, cathay or others
          dinner - come on - way too many to choose from !

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            Breaakfast: Original Pancake House (several of them, all way off Strip, worth the trip), Bay City Diner at the Golden Gate Downtown (inexpensive and very good), Blueberry Hill on east Flamingo.

            Lunch: Capriotti's (several of them), Stage Deli at Caesar's Forum only, Bellagio or Aladdin buffets if you're really hungry.

            Pizza: Northside Nathan's, the Chicago Brewing Company, or Triple 7 Brewpub at Main Street Station. Each pizza is different, all are good.

            Japanese: Narita at US 95 and Cheyenne--Target strip mall. Our favorite sushi joint in LV, though there are fancier ones.

            New Mexican: Garduno's at the Fiesta or the Palms. About as good as it gets in Las Vegas.

            French appetizers with atmosphere: Mon Ami Gabi in Paris. Watch the Bellagio fountain, drink very good wine, eat hors d'ouvres, and be fussed over by the nicest waiter we've ever had--he was tipped heavily and deserved it. The dinners are probably fine also, but we didn't try them.

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              Thanks to everyone for their to hear all about it , especially with new restaurants coming and old shutting down. Has anyone been to 9nines at the Palms?

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                I have to respectfully disagree on Gardunos. I've never much cared for any of their food - their vegetables are definitely frozen, not fresh. Much prefer the Michoacan restaurants or for a counter experience, try Mariana's on Sahara and Valley View.

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                  Green chile is available fresh only for about three months in the year--July through September. Almost all New Mexican restaurants (including the ones in NM) use frozen green chile. Red chile is made from whole dried pods or powdered pods. Posole (white hominy with the husk left on, used to make posole soup) is better frozen than canned or dried. I'm not doubting you, but I'm unsure what other vegetables you had at Garduno's that were frozen.
                  Which Garduno's did you go to, by the way? I think we had better meals at the Fiesta than at the Palms.

            2. I'm sure I am in the minority on this one, but I didn't think Jean-Philippe P√Ętisserie was that good. The interesting thing is that I really enjoy the croissants and pastries on the buffet at Bellagio, which is also my pick for one of the best breakfasts on the strip (Hon mention to Verandah).

              I think Bouchon's pastries are much better all around, and that place at the Wynn that I can't remember the name was good as well.

              I still think the lunch at Commander's is excellent and one of the best deals in Vegas as well.

              For relative bargain dinners, the two best I've had were at LOS and Rosemary's. For splurge dinners, Robuchon and Guy Savoy were both amazing

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                I second, or third, Lotus of Siam. It was hand's down the best meal we had (given food quality and value) while we were in Vegas.