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Dec 31, 2006 09:51 PM

d'bronx Kansas City--short report

I was on the corner of 39th and Bell today, and I spotted D'bronx. This particular street has a ton of great eats that I have yet to try (Bell Street Mama, Fric and Frac, Blue Koi, Circe, Addias Abba, ect) but I was determined to eat at D'bronx. You order at a counter and have a lot of different sandwich/sub choices, as well as pizza, pasta, salads and soups. I ordered the toasted steak sub with mushrooms,and swiss. You get a number and wait for it to be called. It was Sunday afternoon and it was crowded--noisy, but not overly so. Getting a table is a feat by itself. My dining companions each ordered a rueben (pastrami, kraut, swiss and thousand island on rye). Sandwiches averaged $5-7 apiece and this was without chips or drinks. but each comes with a dill pickle spear. A slice of pizza was $4.75 a piece or 2.75 for a cheese slice. A 30 inch pizza was $50.00 (!). The pizza looked good, but still, it was a little steep in price. My steak sub arrived in about 10 minutes. It was delicious--hot, and the cheese was nicely melted and the buttered bread was crusty, slightly burnt on the edges. I loved it. The steak slices were thicker and there was a nice balance of all ingredients. The beef had a slightly peppery bite. My companions reubens looked good,and everyone said it tasted good, but the rye bread looked like texas toast, buttered with bits of rye mixed into the bread. I had never seen white rye before. Overall, I give this place a thumbs up, however it is a little expensive. I wouldnt call their sandwiches huge, but it was good.

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  1. Hmmmmm, d'Bronx was always closed on Sunday before. I wonder if they are now open regularly on Sunday or just today because it's holiday time. Wonder if they'll be open on New Year's Day.

    1. D'Bronx has been open Sundays for at least six months nøw. We are happy about that. D'Bronx is very busy on Sunday! Give us a #1 and #22!

      1. Oh, man! I had NO IDEA! Heck, there's lots of Sunday's I'd love something from d'Bronx and just settle on somewhere else (or nowhere at all). Now I'll know to dash over there on Sundays. Very kewl! Thanks.

        BTW, have you ever had their apple cream pie? Or a sammich made with their freshly roasted, still warm turkey breast? Divine!