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Dec 31, 2006 09:36 PM

lebanese/persian in downtown

i am looking for a sunnin-equivalent (or as close as i can get) in downtown. i love love love the food at sunnin and i am tired of driving in traffic to eat there. help!

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  1. Well as you probably know, perisan food is much different than Lebanese food, which is middle eastern.

    I don't know of any lebanese food in downtown, but there is a decent kosher persian place in the fashion district. It is a small hole in the wall but the food was pretty good. Sorry, I cannot recall the name.

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    1. re: jlq3d3

      Lebanese and Persian food are both Middle-Eastern.

      There's a good place called Sultan, on 6th St.

      1. re: hrhboo

        Lebanon and Persia are both in the middle east, but middle eastern food typically refers to food found in arab countries and Israel, such as falafel, hummus, and the like.
        Persian food is completly different.

        1. re: jlq3d3

          I know...I am Middle-Eastern. The term "middle-eastern food" refers to all food from that region, including Persian and Lebanese. Certain foods like kebabs, pilafs etc are commonly served in all regions of the Middle East, including both Lebanon and Iran.

          Since it appears that the OP is seeking dishes more particular to Lebanese cuisine, I recommended Sultan.

    2. Yeah, but Lebanese and Persian food are completely different. I've never seen at a Persian restaurant the things I like to order most at Sunnin -- hummus, falafel, pita and their unique cabbage salad (I know Persian restaurants have salads, but I've never seen one like the cabbage salad at Sunnin). Persian food may have its own glories, but it's not Lebanese food.

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        i agree-- both are glorious. but someone looking for korean food shouldn't be sent to a tibetan restaurant, although they both have dumplings and vegetables.

        the other big issue here that nobody mentioned is that Sunnin is a highly mediocre place that really doesn't represent lebanese cuisine all that well.

      2. Someday, maybe in our lifetime, California Pita! will open in the LA Mall.

        1. There is a good Persian restaurant in Irvine: Casbah

          1. Whoops...the Persian restaurant in Irvine is called "Caspian", (not Casbah) and is located at 14100 Culver Dr. It is very good.