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Dec 31, 2006 09:36 PM


For those of you who have had Dagwoods Pizza in Venice, what other pizza places out there do you think are better then Dagwoods? For those that havent had Dagwoods, what pizza places would you recommend?
Anyone been to Cheebos or pizzeria mozza? How do they rate?
I want a good cheese pizza and a salad :)

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  1. Dagwood's is just OK. It always smells a lot better than it tastes. I love me some Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen, on 14th and Wilshire.

    1. Classic Pizza on Pico is"Decent". A guy named Greg owns the place and has been really accomodating. ie. half cooking, no slicing to finish pizza at home on the stone.

      Look for the re-opening of Pizzarito in the marina. Pretty decent too.

      1. I like Abbot's better than Dagwood's.

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          I recently tried the pizza at Doug Arangos in weho and was pleasantly surprised. It's very thin crust which I love, but if your looking for thicker pizza you may not enjoy it. We had a great caesar salad and then opted for two pizzas. We had a shrimp pizza that was phenomenal and a margherita. The pizza is very light and you can eat an entire one. The restaurant is a little upscale but casual. I usually have fish dishes when I dine there and always enjoy them, but never had the pizza until last week. If you go, you have to try the shrimp pizza.

        2. Pizzeria Mozza is great (I went just this past weekend wondering if it lived up to all the hype - it did) ~ though I am not so sure about a strictly cheese pizza there -- their toppings are leaning on the skimpy side. My dining companion & I didn't order a salad, but the ones we saw served at adjacent tables looked gorgeous!

 (my Mozza review to come shortly ;) )

          1. hello, as a nor-cal guy I have virtually no LA pizza background, but we loved the thin crust (variable thickness from crisp to a little chewy), simple/rustic style at the angeli cafe, and the salad there was great, too--baby greens incl. arugula with crispy fennel and a little citrus, mandarin maybe. enjoy your '07