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Name of restaurant on top of round Holiday Inn next to 405?

Anyone know? Thanks in advance.

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  1. is there a restaurant up there? what does it serve? i've always wondered about that place...

    1. Not sure, but I am sure that I saw an article about it recently and it looks great. Hopefully someone will post soon.

      1. The (former) Holiday Inn in Bel Air at the Sunset exit, or the (still) Holiday Inn in Long Beach? Both are next to the 405.

        1. If you mean the former Holiday Inn, near Sunset, I believe the restaurant is called West.

          1. The former Holiday Inn off Sunset is now called Hotel Angeleno. Here is a link to the L.A. Times review from Sept. 20, of the restaurant situated on top, called West, as noted above.


            A link to West's website:


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            1. If its the Long Beach location, its called Panorama.

              its funny you ask, I had a really good meal there a few weeks ago.

              I left my car for new tires at the Goodyear at Willow and Lakewood and was really hungy. Not much there except a Spires (pass) so I went up to the top of the Holiday Inn. Nice dining room, good service and a fantastic, perfect skirt steak with mushrooms - veggies - and fresh bread. Maybe it was because I was an early customer and hungry, but it was a really well done meal at a good price (especially for a business hotel).

              1. They pride themselves to be a steak restaurant. Good but not the best.

                1. We had our anniversary dinner at West with a steak eater, a vegetarian and someone with a very traditional brother in law who doesn't go for fancy twists on food and we all thorough enjoyed it and were amazed at how reasonably priced it was.

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                    Had a early Christmas celebration lunch with a friend at 'West' and we all enjoyed the food (very reasonable and very delicious), the service, the room and the VIEW - nice valet service too. This is really a place to enjoy a moment with friends.