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Great wonton soup in Montreal

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Where can I get a great wonton soup in Montreal? Very hard to find a good one in Montreal. Tasted lots of mediocre one, some OK & some fairly good.

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  1. Had a really good wonton soup last week at Shanghai Garden, on St-Laurent Blvd. in Chinatown. All of the food was quite good, actually, including Peking duck, General Tso chicken, Chinese broccoli, dumplings in peanut sauce, spring rolls, etc.. Steamed shrimp dumplings were quite wonderful, too.

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      I'll check it out. Never heard of this establishment before.

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        We hadn't, either. But while in Montreal last week (we're former Montrealers, now living in Toronto), we were looking for a restaurant open on Christmas and came upon Shanghai Garden. We were pleasantly surprised.

    2. the yangtze
      especially with their fried noodles

      1. Tasty Chinese wonton soup at the Beijing on de la Gauchetiere: pork and shrimp in a delicate noodle wrapper.

        1. Are you kidding? I found the dumpling wrappers at Beijing chewy and terrible and the dumpling itself was anything but "delicate". It's one of the things I particularly avoid there, though some of their other dishes are good.

          I highly recommend Tampopo. They have pork-shrimp dumplings that are delicate and truly like "swallowing clouds".

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            They've always tasted pretty good to me; sounds like you may have had the plain, pork "Gwei Lo" dumplings. The Cantonese style ones are very different.

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              I had whatever comes in the wonton soup. I was not impressed with their dumpling-fu. I can't believe that the chef who made the travesty of wontons that I ate could produce good dumplings.

          2. Not what I'd have expected at a Thai restaurant, but my daughter ordered wonton soup the other day at Chao Phraya on Laurier, and it was excellent - extremely flavourful broth, filled with light and delicate dumplings.

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              I believe the owners and chefs are Chinese.

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                That would explain why a number of "popular" Chinese dishes, such as dumplings in peanut sauce, are on the menu.

                We did have a great Thai meal there, though.

            2. try mon shing in chinatown
              90 rue de la gauchetiere just west of the intersection between La Gauchetiere and St.Urban.

              they have the best wonton in town in my opinion; and they are the only place in chinatown that has it's lunch specials 3.95- 6.95 on weekends. you get a small bowl of soup, your main dish, a spring roll, rice and tea for prices starting at 3.95. it's all very good; just dont order the scallops.

              1. Tried the wonton soup at Les Nouilles Maxi in Ville St-Laurent, following a posting today on the other food discusion site. Total disaster! It turns what the person ordered & like very much was their shrimp wonton soup(or as Les Nouilles Maxi also refer as Hong Kong-style wonton soup). I had my suspicions early on, when I couldn't find the basic wonton soup in the menu I was given. Then I checked out their take-out menu, to discover the wonton soup is listed on that menu. Eventually I realized they had two menus for customers. The one I got, eliminated all the Canadian Chinese dishes from the menu(that's why the basic wonton soup dish was missing, as they assume no serious Chinese food fan would want these dishes). When I eventually placed my order, I ordered a large bowl of shrimp wonton with egg noodles soup(Hong Kong-style wonton soup) & a regular wonton soup(appetizer portion). I found their shrimp wontons fairly good, not outstanding, but the broth I found flavourless. Another turn-off I found at Les Nouilles Maxi, is that no light soy sauce is available after asking the server for it(only dark soy sauce available). The establishment is very very unusual in that it's actually 2 different restaurants with separate entrances. One is their Vietnamese restaurant, & the other one is their Chinese restaurant, & a customer can't go from their Vietnamese restaurant to their Chinese restaurant(or vice versa), although the restaurant staff can go to the different restaurants inside(through their kitchen).

                Following recommendations here, earlier this year I tried the wonton soups at Shanghai Garden(tried both their shrimp wonton soup & regular wonton soup). Shanghai Garden's shrimp wonton soup was fairly good, but their regular wonton soup was a total disaster. At Beijing I tried only their regular wonton soup, & it was a total disaster.

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                  I always prefered Hot & Sour over Won Ton soup because I always found the soup unsubstanial. The dumpling are always small, 90% wrapper and 10% meat and the broth weak. Then one day during Dim Sum I tried the soup at Ruby Rouge.
                  It is excellent, huge meaty Won Tons that need to be broken down in pieces and a tasty broth. It sure changed my opinon about this soup.

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                    Yes, the dumplings for the regular won ton soup at most Chinese restaurant establishments are 90% wrapper & 10% meat and weak broth. And the wrappers are the thick unedible kind. As opposed to the shrimp wonton soup, where much better wrappers are used & more meat(shrimp and pork). Now I know.

                2. I am not a huge wonton soup fan, but Kam Shing in the Plaza Côte des Neiges prides itself on theirs. As far as I can tell it is a pretty tasty one. Probably worth a try if you're on a wonton mission.

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                    You're talking about their shrimp(or Hong Kong-style) wonton soup? I've tried the shrimp wonton soup at Kam Shing's Van Horne location before(would it be the same thing using the exact same ingredients, or do they operate independently?).

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                      I don't know about the wonton soup specifically but the Kam shing on CDN (the original location) is way better than the Van Horne branch.

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                        Ditto to that. I've been going to the CDN branch for a while and just tried the Van Horne branch a few days ago out of curiosity. The menu is the same but everything else is different and less good. It's the bizarro Kam Shing.

                        In terms of which wonton I tried -- alas, I'm embarrassed to say that I really couldn't tell you. We asked the waiter which soup he liked best and he told us their wonton was particularly good, and so we got ordered without really paying attention. As I said, I'm not a huge wonton soup fan (I love their pork and mustard green soup, however), so that was the only time we ever had it. Give it a shot -- I'd be curious to know what you think.

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                      +1 to this.. aweesoomme won ton soup at kam shing!!

                    3. there used to be a great chinese resturant in dorval best chinese food we ever tasted. it was right at the old dorval cirle across from the shopping center just off the 2-20 hwy if they are still there the poo-poo platter was also great ( although the name isn't flattering) Eric

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                        I believe you mean Chow's and we go there once in a while

                      2. The only wonton soups in town that have really delivered for me are the ones at Tapioca Thé on Maisonneuve at Guy, and Qing Hua Dumpling's on Lincoln. Both soups are unadorned, neither's broth is anything transcendent, but the dumplings in both are handmade, and you don't feel like you're just slurping up wrapper. Go for it.

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                          Another great chinese resto that gets no mention on this board, Bon Ble Riz, has amazing wonton soup. The dumplings are homemade and have a very different filling than any I have tasted before. The rest of the food is very good and high quality as well.

                          Restaurant Bon Ble Riz
                          1437 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X2S8, CA

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                            Yes, I've tried them both already. They're both very good.