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Dec 31, 2006 08:30 PM

Great wonton soup in Montreal

Where can I get a great wonton soup in Montreal? Very hard to find a good one in Montreal. Tasted lots of mediocre one, some OK & some fairly good.

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  1. Had a really good wonton soup last week at Shanghai Garden, on St-Laurent Blvd. in Chinatown. All of the food was quite good, actually, including Peking duck, General Tso chicken, Chinese broccoli, dumplings in peanut sauce, spring rolls, etc.. Steamed shrimp dumplings were quite wonderful, too.

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    1. re: FlavoursGal

      I'll check it out. Never heard of this establishment before.

      1. re: BLM

        We hadn't, either. But while in Montreal last week (we're former Montrealers, now living in Toronto), we were looking for a restaurant open on Christmas and came upon Shanghai Garden. We were pleasantly surprised.

    2. the yangtze
      especially with their fried noodles

      1. Tasty Chinese wonton soup at the Beijing on de la Gauchetiere: pork and shrimp in a delicate noodle wrapper.

        1. Are you kidding? I found the dumpling wrappers at Beijing chewy and terrible and the dumpling itself was anything but "delicate". It's one of the things I particularly avoid there, though some of their other dishes are good.

          I highly recommend Tampopo. They have pork-shrimp dumplings that are delicate and truly like "swallowing clouds".

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          1. re: eoj

            They've always tasted pretty good to me; sounds like you may have had the plain, pork "Gwei Lo" dumplings. The Cantonese style ones are very different.

            1. re: chilipepper

              I had whatever comes in the wonton soup. I was not impressed with their dumpling-fu. I can't believe that the chef who made the travesty of wontons that I ate could produce good dumplings.

          2. Not what I'd have expected at a Thai restaurant, but my daughter ordered wonton soup the other day at Chao Phraya on Laurier, and it was excellent - extremely flavourful broth, filled with light and delicate dumplings.

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            1. re: FlavoursGal

              I believe the owners and chefs are Chinese.

              1. re: carswell

                That would explain why a number of "popular" Chinese dishes, such as dumplings in peanut sauce, are on the menu.

                We did have a great Thai meal there, though.