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Dec 31, 2006 08:30 PM

Are restaurants open in Toronto New Years Day?

Are restaurants, besides Chinatown, generally open New Year Day? If anyone knows of any specific places that are open please let me know! Thanks and Happy New Year...

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  1. Baton Rouge is open for dinner. Decent food for a chain IMO. Service is good but can vary from war to institutional. When busy, you have multiple waitstaff visit your table but its usually coordinated.

    Some/many Japanese and Korean restuarants will be open as New Years Day is an importnat day. For better Japanese restaurants, reservations are highly recommended.

    1. Why not pick up the phone and call a few places? They will tell you if they are open. If they dont answer after a dozen or so rings, they are probably closed. Some restaurants even have a phone message that informs callers of their hours over the holiday. You can also go to a restaurant's website which may be updated with holiday hours.

      You wont have to settle for crappy Baton Rouge or Milestones if you have a little bit of patience to pick up the phone and call around to your favourite places.

      TIP: Dont expect them to answer before eleven if a lunch place or three if a dinner place.

      All that being said. Go to E Pan for great chinese on Spadina.

      1. Just called Sugar cafe - a fantastic brunch place on Queen West at Shaw. It's open for brunch until 3PM but expect a significant lineup per usual.

        1. Haven't yet ventured out today, but last year we wandered along College through Little Italy on New Years Day afternoon, and the only place that was open was Boom. They're normally open until about 4pm, and today is probably the same. Long line-ups though- the only reason we even managed to get in was that there were only 2 of us, and most people were waiting in large groups, so we snagged a small booth.

          I would imagine there are a few places open along Bloor, in the Annex. I'm not sure how convenient either Little Italy or the Annex are for you.

          I'm not sure what's open for the evening though, but deelicious is right- phoning always work.

          Good luck, and Happy New Year!

          - Lea

          1. There are some excellent hotel restaurants (this is not an oxymoron)in Toronto - I would expect they would be open.