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Dec 31, 2006 08:25 PM

Any real seafood in Southern NH?

I moved to Peterborough, NH from LI, NY. While there are some terrific restaurants around here, I really miss having fresh seafood. I mean real fish, with bones -- not haddock steaks, not swordfish steaks, tuna steaks or salmon steaks but good fresh northern ocean and bay fish: things like whole Winter Flounder, Sea Bass, and in season; Blue fish, Porgies, fresh mackeral, etc. I'm not so very far from the ocean so I don't understand why no one seems to have such around here, including places like Fish Tales here in Peterborough, which is supposed to ship in fish fresh from Boston each day. I'm willing to travel some to get good fresh fish but how far do I need to go and where do I find them once I get there?

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  1. r u looking for great seafood restaurants or to buy seafood? If it's restaurants, I keep hearing great things about Surf in Nashua but haven't been yet.

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      I'm probably more interested in restaurants but I haven't found anywhere to buy good fish either so I'd be grateful for tips about that as well.

    2. Wish I could help you with the "bone-in" fish. But if you're in Peterborough, you have to try High Tide in Hillsborough (mid-April through Columbus Day) for thier super-fresh clams, scallops, haddock, etc, and hand cut and breaded onion rings and chicken fingers. Just east of downtown, on the the main street (formerly route 9, before the bypass).

      1. Even though it's over Temple Mountain, you should check out the Milford Fish Market (at a new location in Milford on Elm Street). There's also a lady at the Amherst Farmer's Market on Thursday only, who sells impeccably fresh fish--and you can special order from her. I think she delivers in the Monadnock area, though I have lost her web info.

        1. I've heard many good things about the fish market in Pepperell. Sits next DunkinDonuts.

          1. Yes, I stop by the Pepperell store often.

            Great husband and wife team. The store is small and limited, but they will get you anything you ask for with a days notice.

            I just get what is fresh that day. Last week sea bass.

            It has been a great source for fresh fish, since limited to going to Shaw's or Hannaford in Nashua, and always hesitate at best.

            Milford is much closer, but for those near Pepperell, do please check out this great little local place.

            Here's an article from when they opened: