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Dec 31, 2006 08:10 PM

Memphis New Year's - local and healthy?

Strange request but I am looking for great local food in Memphis on New Year's Eve or Day that is ideally not deep-fried or just plain fatty. Like grilled catfish, boiled okra, etc.


And despite what I just said above, anyone know if Dyer's not answering their phone means they're closed?


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  1. Try Soul Fish on Cooper. Not sure if they'll be open on New Year's, but they've got a lot of non-fried fare to go along with the fried stuff.

    1. Cafe 1912 (or some 191- date). Not sure about NY though...good brunch!

      1. Ok, a report:

        Thanks for the suggestions. Many places were closed or booked so I had the infamous grease burger at Dyer's before moving on to Little Rock and having my grilled catfish in the morning at Flying Fish downtown. Yum!