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Dec 31, 2006 07:49 PM

Coconut Creek FL Kosher catering?

I'd like recomendations for a caterer in Coconut Creek FL for a food delivery. Kosher is preferable, but will settle for Jewish style...its not a kosher home, but we're all jewish.

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  1. do you want dairy or meat? how many people?

    1. Boca Kosher Market in Military and Palmetto Park Road has fairly good prepared food. i think they deliver. It is primarily a supermarket therefore I doubt will provide full catering service. The new supermarket, Aroma, is excellent. Great prepared food. It is on Sterling and Pine Island Road (a bit south). In Hollywood, Ilana will provide full catering. Most synagogues have catering services if you need full catering. Premier catering in Aventura is 5-star quality.

      1. Kosher Market is on Palmetto park Rd and Powerline not Military.

        all the local kosher restaurants do catering.

        1. Let me ask a stupid question (I don't know the area at all- I'll probably be down there in 10 days or so)

          How far is Boca & Hollywood from Coconut Creek? Is it just a few minutes...or more than 20...(which constitutes a shlep and expensive delivery charges)

          Meat/Chicken - like a platter of roasted chicken, some simple salads,maybe kugel .. Food for 4-6. I'm thinking shabbat dinner for next weekend. Akin to a shiva tray...but for a simcha!

          1. Boca is about 10 mins from Coconut Creek, most of the Kosher places are very close to the Broward County Line around Powerline Road and Palmetto Park Rd.

            Hollywood is further - a good 25 mins.

            Go for the Boca places. Kosher Market sells rotisserie chickens, other precooked goods, veggie dishes, kugels, latkes etc all packaged. They do not deliver so you will have to go get the stuff yourself.

            Eilat Cafe also does catering - they are dairy and can do whole meals either catering trays or individual dishes. They do not deliver either.

            Ben's is further away in Delray, they are a deli, but their level of Kosher is more debatable as they are not under the ORB and are open on Shabbat. However their meats are all kosher. It depends on your Kashrut levels. They might deliver as I have seen their vans around town.

            Check out and the Boca Raton Synagogue website both with links to Kosher in So Fl.

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              Most local synagogues will have a Kosher catering contact. The choices above are reasonable. Every time I hear "Kosher Style" I remember Jack Nicklaus answering to Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men" the question about Great Danger... "Is there any other kind of danger?"... Kosher vs. Kosher style... Is it kosher or not... is there any other kind of Kosher? Take it lightly as I mean no disrespect...

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                Not to be too picky, but I think you mean Jack Nicholson, the actor, not Jack Nicklaus the golfer. Being from the same city as the Golden Bear (Nicklaus), he is not one of Our Crowd.

                1. re: Diane in Bexley

                  I do stand corrected :)... Should've known better. The point, still valid, is that kosher is kosher... is there any other kind? :)? We may or may choose not to observe it, but if we change it, it becomes something else