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Moco Loco and or Cheap and Good Hawaiian Eats in LA?

Anyone know of a cheap, good, authentic Moco Loco (or Hawaiian plate lunch) place in LA?

I passed a Hawaiian BBQ place on Hollywood Bld in Hollywood yesterday, but wonder about the menu and price. Any others around town?


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  1. Seems like lots of Hawwian BBq places popping up. Ive been going to Bruddah's in Gardena for many years.

    1033 W Gardena Blvd
    Gardena, CA 90247
    (310) 323-9112

    I spend lots of time in Hawaii, and I love the food. Closest I can find to the real thing.

    somebody posted a review


    My experiences are about the same.

    1. ITYM Loco Moco... but Bruddah's is good, as is Seoul Grindz in Glendale (in the Glendale Marketplace behind Borders).

      1. Bruddah's is good, as is Back Home In Lahaina in Manhattan Beach.

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          I was not a fan of Back Home in Lahaina. Exceptionally greasy food. I ordered whatever their popular chicken dish is, and while the flavor was admittedly pretty good, the chicken was so fatty that I found it barely edible. But that's definitely my bias--some people are okay with much fattier meat than I can tolerate. Just a matter of taste, I guess.

        2. You mean you passed Ono Hawaiian BBQ on Sunset Blvd?
          They don't have Loco Moco, but they have decent Hawaiian plate lunches. Prices average from $4-$7 depending on whether you get a mini or regular. Entree comes with rice, macaroni salad and some cabbage.

          Most Hawaiian restaurants have Loco Moco-think the L&L plate lunch chain has it or they have the stuff to make it.

          Bruddah's is my favorite place for it and authentic Hawaiian grindz. Forget about Seoul Grindz...overpriced Korean copy cat for Hawaiian food.

          LOCO MOCO=Plate of rice topped with a hamburger patty, fried egg and brown gravy.

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              Hey I was just there this morning..or yesterday morning. Packed house at 10 a.m.

              There's also The Loft in Torrance. Huge portions.

            2. Ono Grill in San Gabriel on the corner of Las Tunas and Mission has great Hawaiian food.

              1. gotta say that bruddah's has the best island food in socal. rutt's is good for me because it it close by. but if i were to brave the 405, i would not hesitate to drive to bruddahs!

                1. All the hawaiians I know (and I swear, I know about 20-30 of them somehow) like Bruddah's and Shaka's. original shaka's is on garfield, just north of the 60. they've opened up 2-3 more. i'm partial to shaka's myself. good kalua, the best loco moco (they make the patties themselves, rather than just using a generic costco burger), and even decent lau lau.

                  l&l is everywhere now, but the only thing really good there is the chicken katsu. probably the dryest kalua pig anywhere.
                  ono hawaiian grill completely lost me when i went to the one in west LA and asked for katsu sauce. they didn't carry it (nor had anyone there heard of such a thing), so all they could do was give me teriyaki sauce. just sad, since katsu sauce is a very basic japanese and hawaiian staple.