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Dec 31, 2006 06:42 PM

Any Tofu House Experts Around???

I'm in need of tofu house advice. Which tofu house on Wilshire between La Cienega and Virgil is worth a visit? What to order? Is anybody out there?

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  1. are you talking specifically about the 'tofu house' chain of korean soondaebu restaurants? of that i know little about, except that there's a mediocre one called "tofu house" in monterey park.

    if you mean you're looking for a good soon tofu restaurant (regardless of the name) in koreatown, there's the two BCDs... (one on wilshire just east of western, one on western down by unm 8th, i think), Beverly Soon Tofu on Olympic near Vermont and another place that i keep forgetting the name of directly across from it that is the best one i think... S------- in korean lol, in the corner of the mall directly behind/adjacent to Hodori. that's probably my favorite of the ones listed.

    try the seafood or mixed seafood soon tofu wherever you go - usually it'll be a bit of shellfish - some shrimp, clams, and oysters, and beef or something. can't really go wrong, just make sure to get a little bit of spice at last (i usually go medium spicy) if you can hang with the hotness and also drop in the raw egg right away and let it poach in the bubbling soup.

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      You're thinking of Sokongdong -- they face Beverly Soon Tofu across Olympic at New Hampshire, one block west of Vermont. I like Beverly better but Sokongdong has the crab panchan.

    2. rather than going to BCD, try going to sokongdong or beverly tofu on olympic (xvermont) for a tastier tofu soup. BCD was really good a while back but their quality and tastiness has gone down since they moved to that huge wilshire (xkingsley) location. yes, BCD is pretty good, but sokongdong or beverly do it MUCH better.

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        yea sokongdong. i keep forgetting their name. usually end up at BCD because everything else is closed by the time i'm out for my late night food crawls. but sokongdong i think has the best flavored soup... so good...

      2. Thank you for the helpful advice. I'll try Sokongdong and Beverly Soon Tofu. Cheers!