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Dec 31, 2006 06:32 PM

Sugar Bowl visit

We will be in town for the game, our first visit to N.O. My husband and I are foodies, but our 19yr. old son is not as adventerous. We will be staying near the French Quarter, and I know that most of the places are booked already. Do you have any recommendations where we would not need reservations, and would have steak or burger choices for our son, but give us a taste of New Orleans? Thank you in advance! Mary

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  1. Check out Tommy's. New Orleans Italian food, you can have fish and oysters, and son should be able to find some regular pasta/steak thing. I haven't been to Cochon or La Boca, but both those are new enough that they may not be filled like the old standards in the quarter. All three of these are in the warehouse district/CBD, so you can avoid the quarter a bit.

    And Port O' Call is the classic place to go for a burger, should be worth it for you and your husband as well. Have fun and thanks for coming to town!

    1. Thank you JGrey! We are in Jackson, MS tonight, and will be in NO before noon tomorrow. Will enjoy trying some of your recommendations, we appreciate your help. We look forward to our first visit to your city! Happy New Year!