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hot lobster rolls connecticut - october

I've done my lobster roll research for the ME part of our trip; now need CT info - will be spending three days at the Marriott in Mystic, Oct 10-12. What will be open for hot lobster rolls?

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  1. Are you really looking for Oct, or is that a typo?

    My hands down favorite is at Captain Scott's in New London. It's hard to find, off of Shaw Dr? Near the Pfiezer campus. Their onion rings are really good too. Outdoor dining on picnic tables and as far as I know they close for the winter months.

    Another good choice, though pretty far from Mystic is Westbrook Lobster, on Rt. 1.

    1. Your hotel is actually in Groton, so you best bet at that time of year would be Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale in Westbrook.

      1. My friends who are lobster roll connoisseurs highly recommend "The Sea Swirl" in Mystic. Here's their website.

        If you'll be near Boothbay, ME. I recommend Betts for fish and chips in a portable trailer across the street from the Boothbay Baptist Church, unbelievable..........

        and Sea Basket, Route 1 north, Wiscasset for lobster stew.

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          Sea Swirl closes Columbus Day weekend. Doesn't open until Memorial Day or so.

        2. Try Glenwoods in Hamden. They have great burgers, hotdogs, etc.

          However, they do offer a great lobster roll year round. This maybe out of the way, but, worth it.


          Good luck,

          BTW - I just got back from Glenwoods, great food.


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            I disagree with the above. Though I like Glenwood for other foods, I found the lobster roll to taste overly like fake butter. My palate isn't sophisticated enough to say whether I thought it was margarine or substitute, or simply cheap butter, but it was not as good as others I've had in southern CT.

          2. I can tell you all unequivocably that the best lobster and crab product to be had in the state of Maine is at Larson's Lunch Box in Damariscotta. The place is under new management, and they've raised the bar on lobster rolls and crab rolls, among other great dishes. I drove 30 miles to eat there (after a lobsterman friend of mine in Camden recommended it) and had a great lobster feast. Check it out.

            1. wow, i did not have the same experience of Larson's Lunch's lobster roll last summer. i will definately try it again this summer, as i drive past it all the time up there (i did this morning in fact- it was closed for the season, but there was someone selling shrimp for $1 a lb. out of a pickup truck right there- this is big in maine, the shrimp out of the back of a pickup- probably good and fresh...). but wow, my lobster roll last summer at larson's was very meh... found the burgers to be really good greasy burgers, but i will definately definately definately try it again this summer- very nice people there. damariscotta needs a good lobster roll (think reds reds reds- i cried driving by the closed red's every day these last few weeks- please open and give me a lobster roll please?). and right across the street from Larson's is a new summer barbecue place called "Grill Zilla" and we went a few times at the very end of the season last summer and it was great! really really good, especially for cue in maine (which is generally abonimable- in maine, you eat lobsters, seafood, in CT. you eat pizza, hot dogs, in the south you eat the pig/que/cue- when in rome). enjoy frankbooth

              1. Best Lobster Roll anywhere is Lenny & Joes Fish Tale in Westbrook, they also have one in Westerly RI. Another good one is Glenwood Drive In in Hamden. Whenever I get home to CT I always go to both and on the way back to airport I stop at Glenwood get 3 to go and have them triple wrapped so I can eat them when I get back home near Cincinnati


                1. My fav is STOWES IN WEST HAVEN. They are hand assembled to order in a large frying pan in the back.
                  Lobster itself is the freshest I've had. Most places use frozen pre-packed lobster meat and you can taste the difference when you try this one. It really exceeds expectations.
                  Also there are large chunks of meat here. My only quibbles is the bun is too lightly toasted for my taste (that may be due to me ordering them 'light on the butter'). And the 'butter' tastes like margarine.
                  Market price last week-$9.50 a roll.
                  Dino's in North Haven also has a very good roll.
                  Had one 2 weeks ago at Glenwood in Hamden . It was overly salty and had no large chunks. Also one of the priciest around.

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                    fyi, the glenwood's is 13.95. i can't wait to try stowe's for 9.50. at that price, i may have to have two of those :)