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Cooktop question

Fellow hounds you cannot begin to imagine how glad I am to see the end of 2006. It has not been a good year at all. Back surgery, splitting my forehead open the weekendx before Thanksgiving and getting 24 stitches, my DH called for a rescue yesterday when he went out to get beer. He had a broken axle and now today.....I am cleaning up my kitchen in prep for some cooking for tomorrow and tonight and I managed to shatter my 16 year old GE Monogram glass cooktop. I think it was pure glass fatigue. It was a slight tap in sliding the counter saver back next to it and it is still crackling . Looks just like a busted tv screen. There is no way i am getting a new one before Tues and I will need to do some shopping and homework. This was one of those 5 burner sealed glass tops. My DH doesn't see why I cannot continue to cook on it anyone know a reason why not? I will have to replace it with a same size cooktop that fits into the counter top, any suggestions? Replacing the countertop to fit in a cooktop that has the knobs under it on the front is not an option. So still okay to use until replaced and suggestions for a replacement would be welcome.

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  1. I'm still stlightly unclear as to the type of cooktop. You mean it's a glass, electric cooktop? I wouldnt use it if it "looks like a busted TV screen." Those are 220 V. Risky. In fact, I would probably flip the breaker off. I think you're going to be on oven and crock-pot cooking until it's replaced.

    But back to the replacement issue, I've been researching a new cooktop, and am strongly leaning toward an induction cooktop. I have a 4 burner, 30" electric coil cooktop at present, while the 5 burner models are generally 36". Anyone out there have experience with induction cooktops? Other than having to get new pans, it seems like just what I want. Instant heat control, high efficiency etc.

    1. No it is gas. It does have electronic ignition. I only want a gas replacement.

      1. Yikes! This sounds bad, indeed. I'm with kate -- wouldn't use it. I have a good electric skillet you can borrow, if that's any help, also an electric pressure cooker and rice cooker/steamer.

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          Thanks, I am trying pea soup in the microwave in a Corning casserole at the moment. I'll holler if I need to borrow. Ironically I donated my elec. skillet and elec. kettle to the thrift shop a few years ago thinking they were just taking up too muc room and not being used.

        2. GE's toll-free 800-number answer line is really good. Call and ask.
          Chances are that they will give the CYA answer that it is dangerous. But you never know.

          The only caveat I have about the GE Answer Line is that the men who have answered my calls have not been helpful. They all have urged me to call a repairMAN.
          The women, on the other hand, have talked me and my toolbox through repairs on dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and stoves, some of which were pretty complex.
          Consequently, when I call now and get a man, I just hang up and call back until I get a woman who believes that I can indeed do these repairs myself.

          1. Thanks, I did find I did find I could make pea soup in the microwave today. I am sure their answer will be a CYA routine. But there is no way this can be fixed. It has got to be replaced fast. I have a dinner party here in 2 weeks.

            1. Re: a replacement. I am very pleased with my Thermador gas cooktop, which I've had for almost 10 years now. While mine has the knobs in front, they have models with knobs on top. If your budget permits, I highly recommend you look into getting one.


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                My only problem with Thermadore here in "Candyland" is that there is only one business that services them and they are totally incompetent.

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                  If it was C$#@*s they left town. I do trust McGarry and will consult with him on Tues. GE does provide replacement glass but the whole thing would have to be taken apart and with the labor to take it all apart and reassemble it may cost as much as something new.

                  I deducd that there is no support under the cooktop so if I were to place something heavy on top, like the pot of pea soup I was making today, it would probably would all have ended up in the cabinet below. Light weight will probably be okay until I fix or replace.

              2. My horrendous experience was not with McGary, so if they are now doing Thermadore, you should be okay.

                1. If you mean the glass is the pan below the gas burners, and the burners themselves have metal grates, then I see no big reason why you couldn't use it in a pinch.

                  Anyway, if you want a gas drop-in unit as your replacement, the best one I know of is the DCS (now owned by Fisher-Paykel)--it has all big burners but they have a simmer function so you get the maximum versatility and the best flame pattern (in a drop-in). DCS is the actual maker of the GE Monogram line, so you can buy the GE Monogram and get the same thing (note this applies only to the Monogram Stainless version, not the ceramic top version--I would go with the ss version--better DCS burners).

                  A better place to post this question is the Garden Web. Here is a link to the appliance forum--try a search--you might find the info you're seeking.


                  Here is a specific thread on Garden Web that addresses some of your questions


                  1. Thanks for the info. I don't want stainless if I can avoid it. I really don't like the way it looks and the need to constantly clean off fingerprints. I need white. I was looking at the DCS at AJMadison.com yesterday. They looked quite nice.

                    1. Would you consider getting a single induction cooktop for the time being? It seems like something that could come in handy, if you already have cookware that would work on it: