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Dec 31, 2006 06:10 PM

Cooktop question

Fellow hounds you cannot begin to imagine how glad I am to see the end of 2006. It has not been a good year at all. Back surgery, splitting my forehead open the weekendx before Thanksgiving and getting 24 stitches, my DH called for a rescue yesterday when he went out to get beer. He had a broken axle and now today.....I am cleaning up my kitchen in prep for some cooking for tomorrow and tonight and I managed to shatter my 16 year old GE Monogram glass cooktop. I think it was pure glass fatigue. It was a slight tap in sliding the counter saver back next to it and it is still crackling . Looks just like a busted tv screen. There is no way i am getting a new one before Tues and I will need to do some shopping and homework. This was one of those 5 burner sealed glass tops. My DH doesn't see why I cannot continue to cook on it anyone know a reason why not? I will have to replace it with a same size cooktop that fits into the counter top, any suggestions? Replacing the countertop to fit in a cooktop that has the knobs under it on the front is not an option. So still okay to use until replaced and suggestions for a replacement would be welcome.

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  1. I'm still stlightly unclear as to the type of cooktop. You mean it's a glass, electric cooktop? I wouldnt use it if it "looks like a busted TV screen." Those are 220 V. Risky. In fact, I would probably flip the breaker off. I think you're going to be on oven and crock-pot cooking until it's replaced.

    But back to the replacement issue, I've been researching a new cooktop, and am strongly leaning toward an induction cooktop. I have a 4 burner, 30" electric coil cooktop at present, while the 5 burner models are generally 36". Anyone out there have experience with induction cooktops? Other than having to get new pans, it seems like just what I want. Instant heat control, high efficiency etc.

    1. No it is gas. It does have electronic ignition. I only want a gas replacement.

      1. Yikes! This sounds bad, indeed. I'm with kate -- wouldn't use it. I have a good electric skillet you can borrow, if that's any help, also an electric pressure cooker and rice cooker/steamer.

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          Thanks, I am trying pea soup in the microwave in a Corning casserole at the moment. I'll holler if I need to borrow. Ironically I donated my elec. skillet and elec. kettle to the thrift shop a few years ago thinking they were just taking up too muc room and not being used.

        2. GE's toll-free 800-number answer line is really good. Call and ask.
          Chances are that they will give the CYA answer that it is dangerous. But you never know.

          The only caveat I have about the GE Answer Line is that the men who have answered my calls have not been helpful. They all have urged me to call a repairMAN.
          The women, on the other hand, have talked me and my toolbox through repairs on dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and stoves, some of which were pretty complex.
          Consequently, when I call now and get a man, I just hang up and call back until I get a woman who believes that I can indeed do these repairs myself.

          1. Thanks, I did find I did find I could make pea soup in the microwave today. I am sure their answer will be a CYA routine. But there is no way this can be fixed. It has got to be replaced fast. I have a dinner party here in 2 weeks.