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Dec 31, 2006 06:07 PM

Thanks Lake Placid Chowhounds

My daughter recently moved to Placid, and I visited her last week. I had been there in the summer and had been disappointed in the food, esp the Mirror Lake Inn which you all got right as not particularly good or fun. This time I read the postings and got some very good food.

Verandah was best Cozy and warm, with exc service, the food is not very creative (altho I loved the carrots, an extraordinary thing for me to say), but beautifully executed. Also great views in daylight. I would be most happy to have this resto in Baltimore where I live. (We tried to go to Interlaken on the recs, but it was booked up.)

Lake Placid Brew Pub. Fine burgers and superb home brew. Very casual, really enjoyable.

Black Dog. Short menu, fine ingredients. Generally well done, but the chef got carried away with the sauces, which we found over-powering on the chicken and lamb dishes--tuna was exc., however. Also really good and filling potato soup.

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  1. Next time you're in Lake Placid eat at the Interlaken Inn behind the Mirror Lake Inn.
    Sit and the bar and order off of the bar menu.
    The dining room is great also but a lot more pricy.
    The bar has a wonder ful view and a relaxing atmosphere.
    The bar doesn't open until 5:00 or 5:30PM.
    Try the Adirondaic Steak and Seafood.
    Again,try to eat at the bar and watch all the fun.
    they also have their own micro-brew on tap.
    The Lake Placid brew Pub was anothr fine choice you found!
    Good Eating!

    1. Thanks. Tried Interlaken on hounds' recs, but couldnt get in. Reserve early, I guess. My daughter also likes the Adirondack S&S.

      1. Hi: Was in Lake Placid last summer and ate at the Boathouse. We thought it was great. The food was well prepared and reasonable, but even better, we could sit outside on the water. It is a lovely setting and the inside was also very nice. It is across Mirror Lake from "downtown" Lake PLacid, so you get a nice view of the town, too. I would definitely recommend.