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Dec 31, 2006 05:48 PM

Pier 15 in San Rafael?

rw's inquiry about the newly opened Pier 15 in San Rafael was buried here -

Maybe OldTimer or someone else snuck in there before his winter hibernation?

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  1. Not out of hibernation yet, but have heard that Pier 15's calamari is mediocre. Too bad, since Adriano Orsi used to cook the best calamari around. It is so easy to get a bag of frozen calamari rings at Trader Joe's and cook a batch at home. I will go to check it out after hibernation, and upon returning from Kauai.

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    1. re: OldTimer

      Boca in Novato's serving the best calimari around.

      Was that Orsi's before Boca?

      Never had great chow @ Pier 15.

      1. re: Waterboy

        Pier 15 has new owners and menu since this fall. Have you been back under the new cooks in the kitchen?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Have you been back under the new cooks in the kitchen?

          Nope - there might be some light in that tunnel - what's good?

        2. re: Waterboy

          Agree on the best calamari...might be one reason why I haven't checked out Pier 15. Also, parking is a problem...maybe it will change, but it seems there is a group that hangs out most of the day taking up parking space. I will check it out when the weather warms up.
          Yes...Boca is the former location of Orsi's.

          1. re: OldTimer

            Parking has always been limited at Pier 15 at busy lunchtimes.

      2. Who is Ted Gray? This web page says he's the owner of Pier 15. No indication of the date of that page so maybe it's just a "hangover" from before.

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        1. re: Mick Ruthven

          I've remember looking at those pages some months ago, so I think it was from the previous incarnation.

          Anyway, here's the breakfast report from rworange -