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Dec 31, 2006 05:29 PM

Best Pizza in Chelsea

Any recommmendation for a few good pizza delivery/pick-up places in Chelsea area? Italian pizza is prefarable but as long as it is GOOD, love to try. Thanks!!

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  1. Not sure it's the best, but Pizza 33 on 23rd between 7th/8th is pretty good.

    1. I really like Patsy's. The put lots of fresh basil on their pies if you're into that. Enjoy!

      1. maffei's on 6th ave at 22nd street... get the grandma's pizza (squares). excellent.

          1. Bravo Pizza, there is one on 5th Ave between 19th & 20th, and another on 14th and 7th Ave. The regular pie is just regular, nothin' special...but if you ask them for a fresh mozarella, it's really great. Excellent sauce, nice and garlicky, just the right amount of fresh mozarella, thin crust with a nice crispiness.