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Dec 31, 2006 05:22 PM

Hideaway BBQ in Raleigh

Has anyone eaten there or heard anything about it? There's a show coming up there that I'd like to see and I'm wondering if I should plan on dinner there or eat elsewhere. I'm not expecting brilliance or true authenticity out of what looks to be primarily a music venue, just a decent meal.

The on-line menu looks like it's trying to cover too many different types of BBQ, but a few descriptions look as if the person planning the menu has some idea of what he/she is doing.

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  1. hey just made a trip to raleigh from wilson and saw that place and was wondering about it also,,,sure looked big,,,will be interested in anyones comments.

    1. I like everything about the Hideaway, except for the food. I've eaten there twice and I probably won't eat there again. I don't eat meat, though, so take my comments with a grain of salt (my husband is a big bbq fan, though, and he was lukewarm to the place too). I do eat fish, and the catfish I ordered on my second visit wasn't cooked through. When asked what sides I wanted with my meal, I asked if the green beans were fresh. I ordered them when I was told they were, but when they were brought out, it was obvious they were canned. Mashed potatoes are out of a box.

      That said, the service is friendly and the music is great. The venue is a little awkward since the stage is surrounded by diners. If you're not eating, you have to take in the music from the narrow bar area.

      1. doesnt sound too good to me too many other places to eat at to waste time with this one,,,

        1. I haven't had the food there yet, but I can tell you that it is a great place to hear * & outlaw country & bluegrass (that is not the junk you'd hear on the radio basically, see below for linkage)

          I know that this is a food board (hell that is why I am here), but for those who are new in town, the Triangle, mostly Raleigh, has a rich history of pumping out some great alt country acts: Whiskeytown & Ryan Adams, Catlin Cary, Tift Merrit, The Vibekillers, Two Dollar Pistols...I can go on.

          This is their website: looks like they have a dinner & a show deal as well, look under their calendar.

          So even if you aren't fond of the grub, don't dismiss it for a beer & a show!


          1. ps. see the note on the menu about their brunswick stew recipe..makes me wonder..

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              Where exactly is it? I know it's near Bobby Murray Chevrolet (or at least on that end of Capital). Can you tell me anything more specific - or what the building used to be? Thanks a lot.

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                Well, you know the original stew recipe had squirrel in it...
                As long as it doesn't have green beans in it. Yuck. I hate green beans in Brunswick stew.