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Hideaway BBQ in Raleigh

Has anyone eaten there or heard anything about it? There's a show coming up there that I'd like to see and I'm wondering if I should plan on dinner there or eat elsewhere. I'm not expecting brilliance or true authenticity out of what looks to be primarily a music venue, just a decent meal.

The on-line menu looks like it's trying to cover too many different types of BBQ, but a few descriptions look as if the person planning the menu has some idea of what he/she is doing.

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  1. hey just made a trip to raleigh from wilson and saw that place and was wondering about it also,,,sure looked big,,,will be interested in anyones comments.

    1. I like everything about the Hideaway, except for the food. I've eaten there twice and I probably won't eat there again. I don't eat meat, though, so take my comments with a grain of salt (my husband is a big bbq fan, though, and he was lukewarm to the place too). I do eat fish, and the catfish I ordered on my second visit wasn't cooked through. When asked what sides I wanted with my meal, I asked if the green beans were fresh. I ordered them when I was told they were, but when they were brought out, it was obvious they were canned. Mashed potatoes are out of a box.

      That said, the service is friendly and the music is great. The venue is a little awkward since the stage is surrounded by diners. If you're not eating, you have to take in the music from the narrow bar area.

      1. doesnt sound too good to me too many other places to eat at to waste time with this one,,,

        1. I haven't had the food there yet, but I can tell you that it is a great place to hear *alt.country & outlaw country & bluegrass (that is not the junk you'd hear on the radio basically, see below for linkage)

          I know that this is a food board (hell that is why I am here), but for those who are new in town, the Triangle, mostly Raleigh, has a rich history of pumping out some great alt country acts: Whiskeytown & Ryan Adams, Catlin Cary, Tift Merrit, The Vibekillers, Two Dollar Pistols...I can go on.

          This is their website: http://www.hideawaybbq.com/ looks like they have a dinner & a show deal as well, look under their calendar.

          So even if you aren't fond of the grub, don't dismiss it for a beer & a show!


          1. ps. see the note on the menu about their brunswick stew recipe..makes me wonder..

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              Where exactly is it? I know it's near Bobby Murray Chevrolet (or at least on that end of Capital). Can you tell me anything more specific - or what the building used to be? Thanks a lot.

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                Well, you know the original stew recipe had squirrel in it...
                As long as it doesn't have green beans in it. Yuck. I hate green beans in Brunswick stew.

              2. It looks like it's at the corner of Capital and Crabtree inside the Beltline. The address is part of an image at the bottom of the web page.

                1. I saw that....I'm still trying to picture it. Oh well - I suppose I'll just drive by. Sounds like a cool new venue.

                  1. You'll know it when you see it. It's basically just north of the big Flea Market mall site, on the same (east) side of the road.

                    That area hasn't seen much redevelopment love in a few years, so it was surprising at first to see this big, shiny and new establishment rise up in that location.

                    It's a real nice facility, not a dive at all. The owners must be well financed. Main area is one big room with a stage in the corner, tables around the stage area, good dance floor and long bar. To the left of this is a dedicated dining area. You don't have to eat in the stage/bar room.

                    They're booking top quality acts for a venue this size. The room sounds good, beer is cold and patrons friendly. If you're into alt.country, honky-tonk, C&W, etc. you'll find a lot to like.

                    I've only gotten there early enough to eat just once. This was during a soft opening when they didn't yet have a license for the bar. They were taking donations for the band and serving free beer and BBQ. I had a pork BBQ sandwich that had good flavor, but was a little cold. It was an early attempt, and late in that night's cycle for food, and free, so no complaints.

                    I've since seen some decent looking plates emerging from the kitchen, but not up close. Nice to be able to eat and see music at the same joint. Jury's out on whether it'll become a food destination or not. Give it a go, and give 'em some feedback on what you get. They're new and eager and seem to have the resources and desire to do right.

                    I'll have to check 'em out one Monday night soon, and get there early enough so the kitchen is still swingin. I hear there are some impressive regulars showing up for the country karaoke.

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                      That flea market is a great source of really cheap Mexican produce and there is usually at least one taco wagon in the parking lot.

                      You want to get off the Beltline on Capital Blvd. going south (towards downtown) and it'll be one light (I think) down on your left. If you pass it, make sure to U-turn before you get funneled onto what used to be Northern Blvd., now the bottom end of Capital Blvd.

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                        I would say they are VERY well financed. and their booking is top notch--the woman who books (booked?) the Pour House is doing their booking, and they managed to get the Derailers for their second weekend in operation. Bill Kirchen a few weeks later. Stacey Earle in February. Dale Watson on NYE. pretty stellar entertainment. I wish I could recommend the food more highly. but I love the bar staff!

                      2. I usually like to give a fair amount of detail in any evaluation of a restaurant, but when I walked away from this restaurant, I told myself that I had just eaten some of the blandest, most flavorless barbecue I've ever sampled. And I've eaten a LOT of barbecue. I was incredibly disappointed.

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                          A bit late to the talk, but...I've eaten there a number of times and had very good experiences. The brisket melts in your mouth, fried fish was very nice, veggies not canned, main dish salads real good too. Perhaps there have been some changes in the kitchen since Jan. - encourage ya'll to try again. My only complaint has been they often aren't open when I'm in the mood and the Sun. hours seem to vary a bit based on music bookings.

                        2. Good news on the Hideaway food front. They've hired a new manager who really knows food and has begun making some positive changes; improving consistency and quality and also adjusting the menu. If you haven't tried them yet, or haven't been in a while, you might want to give them a shot in the coming weeks. I'm looking forward to it. They're really trying to improve on the food side of the business, and getting some new customers in there to support that should help them pull it off.

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                            I hope that helps. I have tried it twice and the food was absolutely horrible.

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                              Well, I guess not, as the new manager is no longer with them.

                              The beer and music are good.

                          2. Looks like they have closed, all the music bookings on their website have new venues listed. The last few times I went the food was not good. But the banana pudding stayed excellent. It is too bad, it could have been a nice addition to this part of town.

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                              Yeah, too bad.

                              The food was never what it should have been, but I'll miss it as a music venue. The promoter has moved her shows to the Berkeley Cafe. It looks like she'll continue on there.

                              I do hope that something good opens in that space. It'll make a great venue for the right operation.