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Dec 31, 2006 05:18 PM

Great Chicken Wings in Detroit??


I like the wings at Duggans on Woodward in Royal Oak. Perfectly cooked, great sauce, big huge vats of blue cheese or ranch. Been going for over 10 years so looking for somewhere new, with a different ambience.
I tried Buffalo Wild Wings in Warren and it was horrible...wings were undercooked, anemic, pink, sauce was thrown on very lightly.


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  1. Rasta wings @ Union Street....if they still are on the menu, as it's been 8 years since i've eaten there.

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    1. re: g rote

      still on the menu. i was there three weeks ago and had some. nice heat, not too overpowering, with decent flavor.

      also on the menu - "devil's eggs" which are thin pieces of chicken breast wrapped around some cheese and fried/sauteed (kinda like chicken kiev) and slathered in rasta sauce.

    2. I third the vote for "Rasta Wings" at Union Street. They are great. While it is a chain, I think that Buffalo Wild Wings makes the best chicken wings available in Michigan - get the "Wild". My all time favorites are at "Quaker Steak and Lube", and Ohio/PA type chain. Get the "Atomic"

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      1. re: momskitchen

        Will definitely have to try the wings at Union Street. The devils eggs sound great too.
        Maybe I ordered wrong at BWW, so i will have to try the Wild sauce next time. I'll try asking for extra sauce too. ;-)

        1. re: AppleSpam

          Tried BWW again the Wild sauce.
          I must say, pretty good root beer.

          1. re: AppleSpam

            I agree BWW is to wings what McD is to hamburger. It will hit the spot but WHY! There are so many other places you can find on this site or others that do food right.

            Not to say I don't go to BWW but it is more for the kids {like McDonalds} or for a Beer and to watch sports {they do that right}

            They have a good selection of sauces with different heat levels I am spicy garlic but the wings look like they come fron a Cornish Hen.

            Would love to find a place that does wings well so post if you know. The best I have found is in Canada at Bulldog and Beaver Sportsbar. It is a small chain the closest is in London I ate at the one in Collingwood on a ski trip. The wings are very large and the sauces fine.


            Wish I could give something closer,


      2. Sorry you didn't like it, Apple. I have had consistenly good results from the BWW in Ann Arbor and Mt. Pleasant. I have always had good sized wings at either one of those places. I also like their deep fried garlic mushrooms. I am not a flavored wing person, only buffalo hot wings. BWW is definitely geared for the college age crowd.

        Speaking of chain wings, I really don't like Hooters. Yuck.

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        1. re: momskitchen

          If y'all are at Buffalo Wild Wings in Ann Arbor, go around the block to Thayer Street and try the Jerk Pit. Pros: they have an unusual type of jerk wings with lots of thyme, often really good. Cons: you'll need lots of time for that thyme if they're busy, and there is no intermediate stage between mild (really mild) and hot (you will be weeping uncontrollably). I guess I could ask. Also, no booze--beer and chicken wings go together like steak and cabernet. Decent substitute: Ting Jamaican grapefruit soda.

          1. re: Jim M

            I will give it a whirl - although I have shied away from going to that place because I heard that the service is very slow. The hotter, the better, I say....I will try the hot.

            1. re: Jim M

              I have to say kudos to your reference to Ting! That stuff is great and I wish it were available in more party stores, groceries, etc.

              In Ann Arbor, also try Touchdown Cafe's nuclear wings. The ambiance there is terrible, so get 'em to go. But if you want meaty wings with A LOT of heat, these are hard to beat.

              Also in Ann Arbor, Mr. Spot's Original Hot Wings are great, but sometimes a bit overcooked.

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